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LANZA G Gold Mix 90ml

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Benefits & Features

Fill your world with colour using LANZA G Gold Mix. This luxurious hair dye delivers rich and vibrant hues directly into each strand. You can create permanent, demi-permanent or demi translucent results with one bottle of LANZA G Gold Mix. No matter the formula, enjoy the longest-lasting possible hair colour with this true-to-tone superblend.

You might be surprised to learn that there are two incredible innovations inside LANZA G Gold Mix. The Flower Shield Complex has been specifically formulated to preserve hair colour. Harnessing the same phytocompounds used by flowers to prevent their petals from fading, LANZA G Gold Mix improves colour retention. Don`t settle for chemical-laden hair dyes when this flower-packed product is available.

Another notable addition is Keratin Healing System. Unlike other hair dyes that cause dryness and even damage, LANZA G Gold Mix prioritises nourishment. A blend of keratin helps to repair damage and even creates more damage-resistant strands. The strengthening effects are the perfect remedy for the effects of hair dye, which is why LANZA G Gold Mix is loved by salons around the world.

Key Features:

  • A rich and vibrant hair dye.
  • Create permanent, demi-permanent or demi translucent results.
  • Use one bottle to customise the results, which reduces salon inventory.
  • Enjoy the longest-lasting possible hair colour.
  • A true-to-tone formula.
  • Supercharged with Colour Attachment Technology.
  • Flower Shield Complex locks in hair colour.
  • Keratin Healing System heals and strengthens the hair.
  • Mix with LANZA Cream Developer for the best results.

Is LANZA G Gold Mix For You?

  • A high-quality and nourishing hair dye.
  • Customise your results: permanent, demi-permanent or demi translucent.
  • Ingredients like Flower Shield Complex and Keratin Healing System.
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