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Limitless Bond System A5 Leaflet Notepad

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Benefits & Features

Give your clients the confidence to choose Limitless Bond System A5 Leaflets Notepad.

The two pages summarise the long list of advantages, and you can answer any questions by handing over the resource. Clients can read about the power of advanced technology and rich ingredients. They can also browse the benefits, including bond support, colour absorption, colour retention and conditioning. Even hairdressers will appreciate a refresher when considering Limitless Bond System.

Although the practical benefits of these leaflets are admirable, we can`t forget the aesthetics. Limitless Bond System A5 Leaflets Notepad is perfect for tables or countertops in your salon. The convenient A5 size will stand out in any space. Meanwhile, the glossy cover will add sophistication.

For more information about Limitless collections, check out the Limitless Booklet or Limitless Bond System How To Use A6 Leaflets. There are also plenty of accessories to add to your salon. Simply select the quantity and press `ADD TO CART.`

Key Features:

  • A practical and aesthetic addition to any salon.
  • Keep customers informed about products used during services.
  • Contains information about the Limitless Bond System.
  • Contains information about technology and benefits.
  • Useful for refreshing the knowledge of hairdressers.
  • An aesthetic addition to tables, countertops and more.
  • A convenient A5 size to attract attention.
  • Pair with Limitless Booklet or How To Use A6 Leaflets.

Is Limitless Bond System A5 Leaflets Notepad For You?

  • Educate clients and hairdressers with these leaflets.
  • An unmissable addition to the Limitless Bond System.
  • Made by the high-performance brand Limitless.

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