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Limitless Colour Comb

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Cruelty Free



Limitless Colour Comb is essential for colouring the hair. Unlike traditional combs, this product is specifically designed for the colouring process. You can section the hair using the narrow handle, which allows meticulous application. Most importantly, you can spread the product evenly throughout strands using Limitless Colour Comb.

The brand Limitless sets itself apart from other options by prioritising quality. Limitless Colour Comb is made from strong and durable material. While traditional combs may cause chemical reactions from the presence of unsuitable metal, the design of Limitless Colour Comb means harsh chemicals have little effect on the product.

With such a stellar reputation, ensure you check out the rest of the Limitless range. The hair dye collection called Limitless Illuminates is steadily gaining traction among professionals, and each of their shades pairs perfectly with Limitless Colour Comb.

Key Features:

  • An essential during the hair colouring process.
  • Easily section the hair using the narrow handle.
  • Spread the product evenly throughout strands.
  • Made from strong and durable material.
  • Avoid chemical reactions caused by unsuitable metals.
  • Add to the Limitless Illuminates collection.
  • Suitable for harsh chemicals.
  • Made by a trusted company.

Is Limitless Colour Comb For You?

  • The perfect product for any salon.
  • A comb specifically designed for colouring.
  • Add to your Limitless Illuminates collection.

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