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Limitless Hair Paint Brush

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Benefits & Features

Don`t skip this salon essential when choosing your supplies. Limitless Hair Paint Brush is designed for colouring the hair without the usual fuss. Simply dip the brush in a tint bowl filled with the appropriate ratio of colouring products. Then, apply the mixture to the hair with careful strokes.

Limitless Hair Paint Brush isn`t just a tool for applying colour to the hair. You can also appreciate the high-quality materials. Not only is the handle durable and comfortable, but the bristles are designed to spread colour evenly throughout the hair. In addition, Limitless Hair Paint Brush can resist the intense chemicals used in colouring products.

Although Limitless is an emerging force in the world of hair care, the brand has already earned a legion of fans. It`s hardly surprising when you consider the affordability and performance of their products. From hair dyes to paint brushes, you can nab all the items you need from this trusted brand.

Key Features:

  • Don`t miss out on this salon essential.
  • Designed for hair colour without fuss.
  • Dip the brush into a tint bowl and apply to the hair.
  • Rely on the high-quality materials.
  • Bristles spread product with ease.
  • A comfortable and durable handle.
  • Pair with other Limitless products.
  • Made by a trusted hair care brand.

Is Limitless Hair Paint Brush For You?

  • Ideal for professional colourists.
  • Enjoy quality and affordable hair care.
  • Trust a product by a reputable brand.

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