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Limitless Professional Basin Comb

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Benefits & Features

We constantly hear about the dangers of brushing or combing wet hair. Unfortunately, the warning is waranteed. After soaking in water, the proteins inside strands form weaker hydrogen bonds and becomes easier to damage. That is why you will be pleased to hear that you don`t need to waste time blowdrying or airdrying. Limitless Professional Basin Comb is specifically designed to comb wet hair without fuss.

Skip the harmful effects of typical combs, such as snapping, pulling or snagging. Limitless Professional Basin Comb is a gentle and flexible alternative that leaves strands in-tact. You can use this item to detangle. You can also distribute hair care throughout wet strands with a few strokes. The choice is all yours with Limitless Professional Basin Comb.

You know you`re getting the best with the brand Limitless. This up-and-comer has been impressing professionals throughout the industry with their high-performance and affordable products. These include over 104 shades, 8 correctors and 9 superlighteners. Plus, there are developers available in various strengths, such as 10Vol, 20Vol, 30Vol and 40Vol.

Key Features:

  • Avoid the dangers of combing wet hair.
  • Don`t waste your time blowdrying or airdrying.
  • Specially designed to comb wet hair.
  • Skip snagging, pulling or snapping.
  • Use this product to detangle the hair.
  • Spread hair care throughout strands.
  • Made by an up-and-coming hair care brand.
  • Add other Limitless products to your collection.

Is Limitless Professional Basin Comb For You?

  • Create a comfortable experience for clients.
  • Trust this product to avoid damage to hair.
  • Add this item to your hair care arsenal.

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