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Limitless Professional Collections Kit

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Nature Friendly

Nature Friendly

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Paraben Free

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Sulphate Free



Take your salon to the next level with Limitless Professional Collections Kit. These shampoos, conditioners and masks will combat a wide range of common problems, including dryness, damage, dullness, flatness, frizziness, colour fading and the natural movement of the hair.

Limitless M1 Mega Moisture Shampoo & Limitless M2 Mega Moisture Conditioner:

Meet a solution specifically designed for normal to dry hair types. Using a series of rich botanicals, every drop releases powerful hydration and moisturisation. This forms a protective coating over the cuticle to lock the incredible effects inside the hair.

Limitless F1 Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Limitless F2 Anti-Frizz Conditioner:

What if you could combat the main causes of frizziness? By returning the right amounts of moisture to the hair, you can experience greater shine, smoothness and natural movement afterwards.

Limitless V1 Volume Shampoo & Limitless V2 Volume Conditioner:

Add body and bounce during your everyday wash routine. You will witness the finest, flattest, and most lifeless hair become visibly fuller. Best of all, there is no need to worry about weighing down the hair.

Limitless C1 Colour Care Shampoo & Limitless C2 Colour Care Conditioner:

If you want to protect colour, you cannot miss Limitless C1 Colour Care Shampoo and Limitless C2 Colour Care Conditioner. These protect colour-treated hair by creating an invisible shield, which means you no longer need to worry about fading after your wash days.

Limitless R1 Repair Shampoo & Limitless R2 Repair Conditioner:

Are you ready to reawaken brittle, fragile and damaged hair? This pair improves hydration levels and texture at the same. Plus, a series of fortifying botanicals strengthens elasticity and shields from damage by forming a protective barrier over the hair.

Limitless P1 Pure Cleanse Shampoo:

It's time to instantly remove dirt, dandruff and product buildup from all types of hair. Despite the extreme level of purification, this shampoo is perfectly formulated to prevent stripping, drying, or fading colour in the hair.

Limitless R3 Rapid Recovery Mask:

Resuscitate dry and damaged hair with Limitless 2 Minute Rapid Recovery Treatment. In only two minutes, the specialised protein blend will strengthen the most vulnerable areas. An infusion of moisture also hydrates the hair intensely, leaving behind a visible, long-lasting shine.

Limitless M3 Multi-Miracle Mask:

Lastly, take a moment to savour the capabilities of Limitless M3 Multi-Miracle Mask. You can revitalise dry, damaged, and lifeless hair by restoring the moisture balance from the roots to the ends. It's even possible to boost the levels of strength and nourishment during every wash.

Key Features:

  • A haircare pack filled with salon essentials.
  • Limitless M1 Mega Moisture Shampoo 500ml x2.
  • Limitless M2 Mega Moisture Conditioner 500ml x2.
  • Limitless R1 Repair Shampoo 500ml x2.
  • Limitless R2 Repair Conditioner 500ml x2.
  • Limitless F1 Anti-Frizz Shampoo 500ml x2.
  • Limitless F2 Anti-Frizz Conditioner 500ml x2.
  • Limitless V1 Volume Shampoo 500ml x2.
  • Limitless V2 Volume Conditioner 500ml x2.
  • Limitless C1 Colour Care Shampoo 500ml x2.
  • Limitless C2 Colour Care Conditioner 500ml x2.
  • Limitless R3 Rapid Recovery Mask 500ml x2.
  • Limitless M3 Multi-Miracle Mask 500ml x2.
  • Limitless M1 Mega Moisture Shampoo 1L x1.
  • Limitless M2 Mega Moisture Conditioner 1L x1.
  • Limitless R1 Repair Shampoo 1L x1.
  • Limitless R2 Repair Conditioner 1L x1.
  • Limitless F1 Anti-Frizz Shampoo 1L x1.
  • Limitless F2 Anti-Frizz Conditioner 1L x1.
  • Limitless V1 Volume Shampoo 1L x1.
  • Limitless V2 Volume Conditioner 1L x1.
  • Limitless C1 Colour Care Shampoo 1L x1.
  • Limitless C2 Colour Care Conditioner 1L x1.
  • Limitless P1 Pure Cleanse Shampoo 1L x1.
  • Limitless R3 Rapid Recovery Mask 1L x1.
  • Limitless M3 Multi-Miracle Mask 1L x1.

Is Limitless Professional Collections Kit For You?

  • A haircare kit designed for salons.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • Filled with nutrient-rich ingredients.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

Apply a small amount to wet hair, then gently massage into the hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly, and repeat as required. Next, follow with conditioner. Focus on the ends of the hair and leave on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


Apply to clean and towel-dried hair. Comb to distribute the mask evenly and leave on for 5 minutes. For deeper conditioning, leave on for as long as desired. Rinse thoroughly.

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Brianna Hoy
Great value

Such a great line for the salon.