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Limitless Tint Bowl


Benefits & Features

Colouring the hair is a blend between skill and high-performance chemicals. Except, many people forget about the importance of tools. Limitless Tint Bowl is the perfect vessel, especially when paired with the Limitless Illuminates range. Simply add your desired product to the bowl according to the ratio listed in the instructions. Then, use a tint brush to apply colour to the hair.

The brand Limitless has a reputation for quality, and this extends to their hair care tools. Limitless Tint Bowl is made from durable material, which is designed to handle the harsh chemicals used in the colouring process. The bowl can also better withstand the general rigours of a busy salon.

You can trust in Limitless, which is a rising force in the world of hair colour. The brand is popular among professionals because of their affordability, wide range and attention to detail. You can add to your Limitless collection with this Limitless Tint Bowl. It`s an easy decision.

Key Features:

  • Colour the hair with ease.
  • The perfect vessel for colouring products.
  • Ideal for the Limitless Illuminates range.
  • Add product to the bowel according to the correct ratio.
  • Made from durable material.
  • Designed to handle the rigours of a salon.
  • Suitable for harsh chemicals.
  • Made by a trusted company.

Is Limitless Tint Bowl For You?

  • An essential product for any salon.
  • Made with convenience and performance in mind.
  • Add to your Limitless Illuminates collection.

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