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Modelrock Makeup Shield 20Pk

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Benefits & Features

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free



There is no worse feeling than spending hours applying flawless makeup, then experiencing fallout. We have the solution for this problem and more. Modelrock Makeup Shield 20Pk helps you achieve incredible makeup applications every time. Simply apply the half-moon shaped product under the eye or around the lip before adding makeup.

Modelrock Makeup Shield 20Pk works by catching excess product. From eyeshadow to lipstick, these disposable products will save you time and concern. You no longer need to worry about messy mascara or lipstick smudges. They can even improve the appearance of makeup by boosting precision. For instance, you can create a straight edge for eyeshadow or perfect a winged cat eye look by following the edge of the shield.

For ultimate convenience, enjoy the self-adhesive and gentle features of Modelrock Makeup Shield 20Pk. Once done, remove the shield to reveal the finished look. Pair with other Modelrock products to elevate makeup even further, such as famous Modelrock lashes, growth serum, mascara, palettes, lipsticks, lip pencils and more.

Key Features:

  • Create a flawless makeup look.
  • A half-moon shape designed for eyes and lips.
  • Prevents mess, stress and time-wasting.
  • Protects from eyeshadow fallout.
  • Encourages a straight edge for eyeshadow.
  • Helps perfect the winged cat eye look.
  • Prevents mascara smudges.
  • Aids with lipstick application.
  • A self-adhesive and disposable design.
  • There are 20 pieces to enjoy.
  • You can use alongside other Modelrock products.

Is Modelrock Makeup Shield 20Pk For You?

  • A multi-action makeup shield.
  • Prevent mess and boost performance.
  • Made by a popular beauty brand.
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