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Natural Look NaturalSpa Natural Spa Booklet

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Benefits & Features

NaturalSpa is a collection of professional and home-use products packed with natural goodness. The large range is great for salons, but keeping track of the options can be challenging. Thankfully, you can use Natural Look NaturalSpa Natural Spa Booklet to guide you.

Read all about the three sub-categories within the range: Plant Extracts, Fruit Extracts and Essentials. There is also plenty of information about the famous AUSTRALIAN BLEND FIVE NATIVES, which contains Kakadu plum, quandong, desert Lime, lilly pilly and wattleseed. NaturalSpa is even 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Not only is this booklet useful, but you can enjoy the aesthetics too. Natural Look NaturalSpa Natural Spa Booklet will elevate the look of any salon. Simply place on a countertop or coffee table to curate an atmosphere of sophistication. The vibrant front cover will entice customers to read about the remarkable benefits of your products.

Professionals may even appreciate polishing their skills with Natural Look NaturalSpa Natural Spa Booklet. Just to make you pair this product with your favourite NaturalSpa products, such as Natural Look NaturalSpa Exotic Pomegranate Body Wash, Natural Look NaturalSpa Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub or Natural Look NaturalSpa Tropical Mango Body Butter.

Key Features:

  • A vibrant and informative booklet.
  • Explore the NaturalSpa collection.
  • Read about incredible ingredients.
  • Perfect for salon coffee tables or countertops.
  • Add an atmosphere of sophistication.
  • Entice customers to read about your products.
  • Allow professionals to polish their skills.
  • Pair with your NaturalSpa collection.

Is Natural Look NaturalSpa Natural Spa BookletFor You?

  • An aesthetic and practical product.
  • Created by a trusted hair and beauty brand.
  • An Australian-owned brand.

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