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Natural Look

Natural Look StyleArt Superhold Hair Lacquer 400g

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Benefits & Features

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Step beyond the ordinary with Natural Look StyleArt Superhold Hair Lacquer. This powerful spray provides long-lasting superhold to keep every strand in place. When creating the most intricate and complex hairstyles, you can relax knowing the look will not collapse or fall apart during the day.

Natural Look StyleArt Superhold Hair Lacquer does not just support and secure hair. You can also improve the amount of softness with just one application. Plus, each spray will promote brilliant and natural-looking shine for all types of hair, including straight, wavy and curly. It's hard to believe one spray can accomplish so much at once.

Unsurprisingly, the instructions for Natural Look StyleArt Superhold Hair Lacquer are notable too. The fast-drying and water-soluble formula allows the option to spray onto wet or dry hair when creating your desired look. Once finished with the day, you can simply brush away without worrying about messy residue or dryness.

Key Features:

  • A powerful lacquer spray.
  • Provides long-lasting superhold.
  • Perfect for intricate and complex hairstyles.
  • Improve the amount of softness.
  • Promote natural-looking shine in all hair types.
  • Fast-drying and water-soluble.
  • Spray on wet or dry hair.
  • Simply brush away afterwards.
  • No messy residue is left behind.
  • Hair will not be dry and parched afterwards.
  • A cruelty-free formula.

Is Natural Look StyleArt Superhold Hair Lacquer For You?

  • You can secure, add shine and add softness at the same time.
  • The instructions are quick and easy.
  • Australian made and owned.
  • Explore other products from the StyleArt range, such as thermal protect, surf spray and more.

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