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Parlux 3800 Diffuser

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Benefits & Features

Parlux Diffuser For 3800 Dryer adds great experience to the drying process and improves the efficiency for Parlux 3800 dryer. Its primary purpose is to diffuse the concentrated airflow emitted from the Parlux Hair Dryer to a large surface area. It is done by softening the airflow while at the same time spreading it across a wide area. The benefit is that it allows you to easily create curls, waves, or even a soft perm, all without letting the hair frizz. A diffuser hair dryer poses a great advantage for perms, curls, and waves.

This hair diffuser for curly hair has a powerful motor for super-efficient fast drying. It completes the hairdryer with diffuser package and is suitable for all hair types.

Key Features

  • It is designed to fit all Parlux 3800 type Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryers.
  • It greatly minimises frizz that usually becomes the norm during the process of hair drying when using other hair dryers
  • It helps to define the hair waves and curls gently and perfectly
  • It's made from a synthesis of extremely hard to break materials
  • It is easy to attach it to the hairdryer as it clamps immediately and firmly

Is The Parlux Diffuser For 3800 Dryer For You?

  • The Parlux hair dryer diffuser is suitable for curly, wavy, or permed hair
  • It helps spread the airflow for better effect.
  • Prevent the hair from becoming frizzy or overly dry.
  • Adds volume to your fine hair by diffusing and lifting it during the drying process.
  • Perfect hair styling tool for Parlux 3800 ceramic ionic hair dryer
  • Attach the diffuser to the hair dryer
  • When you hear the clip sound, you know it has attached correctly
  • Use dryer and when not in use, detach the diffuser from the hair dryer
  • Keep in a safe place

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Trish J.

This product is effective and compact. A big improvement on my previous diffuser.