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Parlux Advance Light Ceramic & Ionic Dryer Ice Blue

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Benefits & Features

2 Years Warranty

2 Years Warranty





Parlux Advance Light Ceramic & Ionic Dryer Ice Blue is infused with ionic and ceramic technology, Parlux Advance Light Ceramic and Ionic Hair Dryer Ice Blue dries hair without damaging it or compromising its natural moisture.

The dryer's super-strong K-Advanced motor with 2200 watts of controlled power and 83m3/h airflow ensures that the hair is adequately dried in an insanely short time.

Featuring four temperature and two-speed settings, the professional hairdryer provides just the right amount of options that will suit any hair type or texture. It is also equipped with two concentrator nozzles—one for faster drying and the other for the provision of a more stylish finish.

Unlike most conventional hair dryers, Parlux Light Ionic and Ceramic dryer feature a built-in silencer that converts the loud, irritating noise into a more gentle and melodious hum.

The ergonomic design of the handle provides a better grip for easy manoeuvrability. The ceramic ionic hair dryer also features well-positioned soft-touch switches to enhance the user's experience.

At just 456 grams, the lightweight hairdryer is a delight to hold and can be used as desired without making the arm tired or fatigued.

Key Features

  • Awesome K-Advanced motor and 83m3/h airflow ensure that hair is dried in an insanely short time.
  • Features 2 concentrator nozzles that provide faster drying or a more stylish finish depending on customer preference.
  • The ergonomically designed handle of the dryer allows for easy manoeuvrability.
  • It weighs only 456 grams and can be used for long without fatigue.
  • Strategically placed soft-touch switches help to provide a superior user experience.
  • The professional dryer locks in moisture and enhances shine thanks to its advanced Ionic and Ceramic Technology.
  • It has 4 temperature buttons, 2-speed buttons, making it suitable for hair types and textures
  • Hair dryer comes has 9 feet strong cable attached to it.
  • 1 instant cold button. Perfect for adjusting airflow and setting the hair when drying
  • Anti-heating front body to keep the hair dryer at a low temperature for added comfort
  • Comes with decent 2 years manufacturer's warranty

Is Parlux Advance Light And Ionic Ceramic Dryer For You?

  • The Parlux Light And Ionic Ceramic Dryer features a built-in silencer that dampens its loud, screeching noise and produces a more soothing, melodious sound.
  • Different selection of temperature and speed settings makes it a perfect choice for all hair types.
  • Powerful airflow and motor ensure that hair is dried in a short time.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo
  • Apply hair conditioner
  • Dry one section of the hair at a time.
  • Glide the dryer through your hair
  • Adjust the temperature as you blow dry.

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Worth the money

This dryer works great for my very fine and long hair. The size, shape and weight are great. Highly recommended