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Parlux Alyon Diffuser

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Benefits & Features

Parlux Alyon and Advance Dryer Diffuser dry hair in an insanely short time by effectively dispersing the hot air from hairdryers over a wider surface area. This ensures that the hair does not lose its natural curl pattern but rather appears thicker, softer, and shinier.

It is one magic diffuser dryer with small holes strategically positioned to provide a more widespread heat distribution to hair from its root to ends. This advanced design helps to cut the amount of time needed to move the dryer around the head and reduce frizz.

The professional diffuser features a rapid hook that allows it to attach easily and firmly to either Parlux Alyon or Advance hairdryers without slipping off. As an added benefit, Parlux Alyon 2250W & Diffuser was designed with an anti-heat system to make it perfectly comfortable for the user to handle.

In addition, Parlux Diffuser for Alyon Hair Dryers makes for an excellent travelling companion because of its lightweight design.

Key Features

  • The Magic Diffuser features tiny holes that have been well-positioned to provide a more widespread heat distribution
  • Designed with an anti-heat system which makes it convenient for the user
  • Perfect for travel because of its incredibly lightweight design
  • Has a quick hook which allows it to secure tightly to both Parlux Alyon and Advance hair dryer models.
  • It dries hair fast in a short time by dispersing airflow from dryers to a wider surface area.

Is The Parlux Alyon And Advance Dryer Diffuser for You?

  • Diffuses hot air to ensure that the hair does not lose its natural curl pattern
  • Advanced design of the diffuse helps to reduce the time needed for drying
  • Anti-heat system makes it easy for the user to handle
  • Parlux Dryer Diffuser has a quick hook that makes secure firmly to either Parlux Alyon or Advance hair dryer models.
  • For other Parlux models (except for Parlux 3500 and 385 models) use the adaptable ring in the package.

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