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Parlux Silencer

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Benefits & Features

Parlux Silencer is a patented advanced technology system that helps to muffle the loud and distracting noise produced by hairdryers while in use. As an added benefit, the muffled noise is further converted to a more pleasant and sonorous sound that'll delight your coworkers, customers, or roommates, depending on where you use your hair dryer.

Designed for flexibility, the Parlux Hair Dryer Melody Silencer is perfect for all Parlux Hair dryers. It features a very compact design, and at just 52 grams, it is lightweight and just the perfect size to fit in any dryer. All that's needed is to attach it to the back of the dryer by pushing over the filter.

For long-lasting functionality, Parlux Hair Dryer Silencer was constructed using shock-resistant materials. For a superb hair drying and styling experience, you can't go wrong with Parlux Hair Dryer Silencer.

Key Features

  • Parlux Hair Dryer Melody Silencer is a patented advanced technology system that muffles the loud, distracting noise present in hair dryers
  • It is versatile and can be used on all hair types of Parlux hairdryers
  • It’s small, and lightweight design makes it easy to install
  • Features an internal vibration absorbing filter to help reduce vibration when in use
  • To ensure durability, Parlux Melody Silencer was designed with shock-resistant materials.
  • Highly Shock resistant: strong enough to sustain minor impacts without causing internal damage
  • Easy to attach to filter holder

Is Parlux Melody Silencer for You?

  • Muffles noise produced by hair dryers and converts it into a more pleasant and melodious sound.
  • It can be used with all models of Parlux hair dryers.
  • Provides a superior hair drying and styling experience for both customer and hairdresser.
  • Attach the Parlux Melody Silencer to the back of the dryer by pushing over the filter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Really does cut noise of the dryer

Brigida T.
Not silencer enough it sounds

Not silencer enough it sounds nearly the same.

Samaa B.
Didn’t notice a difference

Didn’t notice a difference

Fits perfectly

Works like a dream. Excellent buy. Would recommend.

Perfect fit

The best product ever! It doesn't fall off in the middle of a blow dry and this locks on to my Parlux dryer.