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Proraso Styptic Gel 10ml

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Benefits & Features

Proraso Styptic Gel 10ml is a handy must-have for any respectable Barbershop. Its also great for those who regularly shave. The Proraso Repair gel seals and stops bleeding of nicks and cuts that result from shaving. It uses a formula that enables the gel to stick to the injuries to seal the bleeding and wash off easily. Applying small quantities does great to repair nicks and cuts effectively.

Made from natural extracts, It is easy on the skin and does not cause irritations. It is also handy as it comes in a 10 ml container. The gel is also suitable for all skin types and doesnt negatively affect sensitive skin.

It is free from parabens, silicone, mineral oils, and additives that boost performance artificially. The Proraso razor cut gel offers your skin cedar wood Mediterranean citrus scent to keep you comfortable.

Key Features:

  • It Comes in a compact 10 ml container, and the application of gel is very easy
  • It greatly repairs and heals any shaving nicks and cuts
  • It is suitable for all kinds of skin types
  • Its great for treating shaving nicks and cuts
  • When applied, it stops your bleeding almost immediately
  • Easy to wash off and does not burn, sting, or irritate the skin when applied.

Is The Proraso Styptic Gel for you?

  • It is great for stopping bleeding from nicks and cuts resulting from shaving.
  • The formulation of this gel does not cause any irritation and burn
  • It easily washes off and leaves no residue
  • Its gel form makes application easy and convenient
  • Get a small amount of the repair gel and apply to your nicks and cuts
  • Leave for a few minutes, so it settles in and seals the injuries
  • Rinse properly with cold water

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Customer Reviews

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This product works very well. It does what it supposed to do and gives best results.


A little goes a long way and stop to bleeding from minor shaving nicks and cuts.