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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Daytona Dryer - Grey

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Benefits & Features

Do you know Silver Bullet Daytona Dryer - Grey shares a name with Daytona International Speedway? A glimpse under the hood reveals the connection.

One of the most impressive features of this hairdryer is the 29mm BLDC motor with 1000 hour and 105,000 rpm. You can control these power levels with five different performance modes, including fine, normal, turbo, hot and manual.

Silver Bullet Daytona Dryer - Grey even looks like a racing machine. The lightweight and compact aluminium housing hides plenty of remarkable technology. You can switch gears with the manual performance mode, which offers seven heat and three speed options. No matter what you decide, the ionic generator will deliver the smoothest and shiniest hair.

The gadgets just keep coming. Silver Bullet Daytona Dryer - Grey is equipped with a digital display to help you monitor your performance during styling. To maintain hygiene and performance, you cannot miss the auto self-cleaning function either.

Key Features:

  • A powerful and speedy hairdryer.
  • A 29mm BLDC motor offers 1000 hour, 105,000 rpm and 20 m/s airflow.
  • There are five performance modes: fine, normal, turbo, hot and manual.
  • The manual mode offers three speeds and even heat settings.
  • A cold shot setting will lock in your style.
  • The ionic generator means smoother and shinier hair.
  • The strong aluminium housing will resist the rigours of salons.
  • Monitor your performance with the digital display.
  • The auto self-cleaning function will maintain hygiene and performance.
  • A sleek and futuristic design.
  • Includes one styling nozzle.

Is Silver Bullet Daytona Dryer - Grey For You?

  • A charming grey colour.
  • Made with carefully selected materials.
  • Developed by an experienced brand.

For optimal results, begin by adding shampoo and conditioner to the hair. The next step is rinsing and detangling with care.

You can dry the hair using the concentrator nozzle supplied with the hairdryer. If you are using the radial brush for drying, start with one section of the hair at a time. Wind gently around, or partially around, the brush. While letting the hair glide over the brush, apply air from the hairdryer at the required temperature. Repeat until dry.

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