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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer

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Benefits & Features

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty



Silver Bullet Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer keeps your nostrils clear of excess mane and ensures your ears are well shaved. The ear hair trimmer works with a battery and does not come with electrical cords. It delivers a cool cut on the nose and ears, which is better than tweezers or razors. The rechargeable nose trimmer features a sleek design that allows you to clip the hairs without much stress easily.

This ultimate nose trimmer delivers a safe hair cut in the ear and nose with a circular cutting blade that ensures optimum protection. It includes a protective cap in the package that helps store the trimmer properly, especially on travel trips. The easy-grip switch on this nose and ear hair trimmer give it the perfect safety grasp control for all clipping activities.

The perfect design on this trimmer makes nose and ear hair cutting simple and fast. It comes with an adorable packaging and storage design fit for all personalities. The battery is not inside the package, but it can be charged and used cordlessly.

Key Features

  • The trimmer comes with a sleek and durable design that ensures a cool, clean shave on the nose and ears
  • It features a cordless function thanks to the AA batteries not included and charging ports for unplugged use
  • The nose and ear hair clipper come with a rotary mechanism that is well adapted to haircutting for nose and ear than scissors or tweezers
  • It comes with an easy-grip switch that enhances handling when clipping your nose and ear hairs
  • The package includes a protective cap that helps you travel with the trimmer without worries of damage during storage

Is Silver Bullet Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer For You?

  • It's safer and easier to use an ear and nose trimmer than scissors or tweezers
  • The circular cutting blades go easy on the skin and won't bruise then when used gently
  • The sleek design and protective cap makes this gadget the perfect travel clipper for nose and ear hair
  • Remove the protective cap before switching on the trimmer
  • Ensure the batteries are in place if the gadget is not charged
  • Clip the nose and ear hairs with much care to avoid bruises
  • Clean off hair residues with a brush during and after use
  • Ensure the trimmer is well oiled before, during and after us for smooth performance
  • Store in a cool dry place
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