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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Metallic Baby Dryer 1200w Black

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Benefits & Features

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty





Silver Bullet Metallic Baby Dryer is a hairdryer for babies and kids. With a powerful 1200W airflow emission, you can dry your young ones hair in a short time. It is a lightweight dryer built to dry hair for kids and babies, right according to the hair texture.

As expected, hair dryers for babies should be comfortable to use and cause no hair damage. Therefore, it comes with 2 buttons for speed and another 2, making it a kid-friendly hair dryer that you can adjust to suit kid's hair.

The baby hair dryer comes in a tiny form, suitable for drying baby hair after it gets wet. It is also a comfortable baby travel hairdryer, all thanks to it being lightweight.

Key Features

  • Its 1200W controlled power is powerful airflow just suitable for kids and baby's hair
  • Drying baby's hair is easy, with the 2 buttons it comes with, for adjusting speed, and another for adjusting heat
  • Portable Size: It is 15 cm in height x 13cm in length x 6cm in depth. Small enough to encourage flexibility and mobility
  • The hairdryer uses dual voltage that gives room for worldwide use
  • It comes with a styling diffuser that enables ease of styling.
  • Has a concentrator nozzle to direct appropriate airflow

Is the Silver Bullet Metallic Baby Dryer Product for you?

  • Super-efficient hairdryer for baby and kids
  • Adjusting heat levels makes it suitable for younger children, apart from babies
  • It comes with an additional impressive feature for fast drying
  • To get a perfect result, wash hair with shampoo.
  • Apply conditioner and rinse hair afterward.
  • Dry hair with concentrator nozzle that comes with the dryer
  • Set the dryer to the required temperature
  • Dry one section of the hair at a time
  • Repeat the process until hair is dry as desired

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Customer Reviews

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Great dryer

Powerful blow dry without being super loud. It dries hair quickly. Amazing


It's very light weight but really packs a powerful blower and gets your hair dried in no time.