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The Barber Man

The Barber Man Shaving Razor 5 Black Wood/Gold

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Benefits & Features

Not everyone cherishes using a clipper, so the Barber Man Shaving Razor comes as the best option. This shaving razor for men offers a clean shave to any hair. It is a safety razor blade for men personal use at home but is also perfect in salons and barbershops.

This Men's razor is easily foldable and ensures easy storage. It comes in handy for heavy men who want to takout hair around the jaw and require a flexible razor for an excellent trim. These barber pro men’s razor blades are compatible with Astra blades for a seamless fit and amazing cut.

The folding safety razor blades for men comes at about 16.6cm, making them easy to use. The open razor length stands at 23.5cm, which makes it simple to fix on Astra blades. The handle length of 14.2 cm gives you a chance for a good grip. This shaving blade for men functions best when you adjust the blade holder clip well after changing razors.

Key Features

  • Open razor length stands at 23.5cm, which makes it simple to fix on Astra blades
  • It's foldable to enable easy use and storage
  • Rosewood handle material ensures ample grip for a great shaving time
  • It uses one half of the baled that's what you need to install on the turret
  • 2cm handle length is good for an adjustable grip during trims
  • Gold material makes it durable, with the sharp edges lasting longer than normal blades
  • Blackwood and golden blades are a classy combination
  • Blades that fit this unit is the The Barber Pro Stainless Razor Blade SKU: TP104846

Is Barber Man Shaving Razor For You?

  • This shaving razor for men doesn’t just give you a clean shave. It does it with absolute comfort and convenience
  • The Men's razor blades are ideal for your personal use as well as in barbershops and hair salons
  • If you loathe the buzzing sound of a hair trimmer, then you need this shaving knife


  • Take the blade from the middle and divide it into two
  • Install only one half of each on the turret
  • Push the blade holder clip properly after changing blades
  • Shave with care and assurance
  • Detach and clean blades after every shave or use
  • The store is a cool and dry place

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
River S.
First cut throat

Nice and comfortable to hold gives a nice shave And looks pretty classy too. will continue to use this particular cut throat

High quality

It gets the job done. Very strong and sturdy. It shaves very smoothly.

Mary S.
The Barber Man Shaving Razor 5 Black Wood/Gold

love this cut throat razor i use it daily comfortable to use and good quality will be buying some more for work