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AMR Professional

Universal Trigger Spray Dispenser Pump

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Benefits & Features

Universal Trigger Spray Dispenser Pump works for various applications such as cleaning products, wax, tanning sprays, and even bleach and alcohol. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to use with no finger fatigue whatsoever. It is leak-free, durable, and saves you from unnecessary product wastage- indirectly saving you money. It is sturdy and of good quality- and you can bet it will last for a long time as opposed to other sprayers that lose their trigger function after a few weeks.

The pump dispenser also ensures you do not contaminate the liquid you are looking to transfer. Aside from preventing leakage and saving you money, the pump spray is easy to use.

Thus, you don't have to struggle to use the spray bottle. It has multiple uses and can serve as an indoor and outdoor household utility item. It can also serve as a hygienic method of applying skincare products.

Key Features

  • Easy to use with no finger fatigue
  • Leak-free and very durable
  • Works for a variety of products, including bleach and alcohol
  • Designed to fit 24-100 bottlenecks

Is This Product for You?

  • great value for your money
  • Tired of shoddy pumps that lose their trigger function in a matter of weeks
  • Need sturdy pumps that require no replacement after every little fall

How to use Professional Universal Tiger Spray Dispenser Pump (Directions):

  • If the pump is longer than the bottle, place the pump near the bottle (with the top on), and trim it so that the pump is only slightly longer
  • Push down and screw tightly on the product bottle
  • Turn counterclockwise to unlock the pump

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Customer Reviews

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Taryn M.
Trigger spray

Fantastic love them

Great job

The spray works great. No leak in each spray. I'll buy another one next time