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Wahl Balding Blade Set

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Balding Blade Set are significant for barbers as they come with features that make both the user and client stand out. This set of balding cut blades come with a special hexavalent chrome treatment finish that makes it last longer. The corrosion-resistant finish also improves the durability of these professional balding clipper blades.

Wahl balding clipper blades are heat treated to give the high carbon steel a hardy touch for long-lasting quality service. It gives the hair an excellent balding finish while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The blades fit on a wide range of Wahl badling trimmers giving them an amazing edge to create fantastic balding cuts.

Each of Wahl Balding Blade Set contains cutters that enhance quick and slick trimming on all kinds of hairstyles, mainly balding. They have this smooth cutting design that gives the customer a quality finish. The special heat treatment of the steel gives it an awesome 64 in the Rockwell Hardness rating.

These are worthy replacements for any worn-out blade of Wahl balding trimmers. They are strong, durable and deliver the best balding, fading, or detailing cut.

Key Features

  • The blade set comes with a smooth cutting design that enables the stylist to give the best balding cuts
  • It is treated with premium heat, which gives the material a high Rockwell hardness rating of 64
  • The high carbon steel material with optimum metal treatment makes it durable and long-lasting even with continuous use
  • The blades have a special hexavalent chrome finish that makes them rust-proof and protects them from corrosion to enhance longevity
  • The design helps them to carefully align with the trimmers for a sturdy fit using the blade screws
  • Top Quality: Made in USA

Is this Wahl Balding Blade Set for You?

  • The Wahl blade set gives you a superior feeling when cutting due to its smooth design and fast cutting finish
  • They come pre-lubricated which makes them ready for use without any further lubrication
  • They are rust-resistant and does not corrode, which means theyll serve the hairstylist for a long time.
  • Unwrap the blades from the packaging carefully
  • Gently place the slot on the upper blade on the trimmer
  • Ensure to align the screw slot snugly over the white nylon drive ball on trimmer
  • Hold the blade set in place and square on the trimmers tension spring
  • Tighten the screws carefully
  • Always brush and lubricate before use

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Exactly the length I wanted

So glad I found this. This blade is perfect and cuts very tight and its sharp.