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Wahl Clipper Attachment Guides Size #1

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Clipper Attachment Guides Size #1 is part of the Wahl clipper attachment guide combs series with a 1/8" or 3mm plastic size. It has a secure grip that ensures that it does not slip off from the clipper blades while in use. It has rounded edges that make passage through hair smoother, giving the client a comfortable feel while receiving the service. The Wahl clipper guard attachments stay firmly secured to the blade and are designed to last long.

The Wahl Clipper Guards ensure the skin's safety while it is in use. It prevents unnecessary nicks and cuts while ensuring that the scalp is not scalded (if the blades heat up). It also drastically reduces the risks of abrasions on the scalp and skin due to the hot blades passing too close or having friction with the scalp. Additionally, the Attachment Comb comes in variant colours.

Key Features

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Suitable for Professional Wahl Clippers,
  • This Guard No#1 attachment is sized at 6mm height or 1/4" with a dimension of 5 x 0.5 x 5 cm
  • The package includes No#1 Plastic Tab Attachment Comb and clipper guides for professional Wahl clippers and not the clipper itself
  • Can fit all full-size Wahl clippers
  • Come in varying colours
  • It weighs just about 0.004kg, making it very easy to use on a clipper.

Is The Wahl Clipper Attachment Guides Size #1 For You?

  • It is a professional lightweight plastic clip
  • It is durable, and its smoothness makes the hair cut experience comfortable
  • The lightweight plastic material makes it easy to use without interfering with the haircut.
  • Align clipper guide properly with the clipper (do it in the same direction as the blades)
  • Attach it to the blade front
  • Make sure the lower part snaps properly, and the replacement clip is secured firmly
  • Use clipper till you get satisfactory results
  • Brush off residual hair after use
  • Store in pack to avoid accidental breaks

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Customer Reviews

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Mike A.
I highly recommend this product!

This is perfect and very durable. My clients have said they feel smoother on their head. A very good quality. You should buy this.

Good investment!

This product is a good quality. I highly recommend this.

Troy S.
This is amazing

It is easy to use and a good quality.