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Wahl Clipper Oil 60ml

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Clipper Oil is a service clipper oil made for professionals looking to keep hair cutting tool in top condition. The oil ensures your clippers, trimmers, and shavers remain brand new and serve the right purpose without a glitch. It helps prevent dust with the rust prevention ingredients contained in the oil.

If you have clippers or shavers that are not chrome-plated or susceptible to rust, you should get this clipper oil as it will prevent rust and extend the life of your tools. It also improves blade function and eliminates dulling and breaking of blades. All you have to do is apply the blades before each cut to lubricate it.

Constantly lubricating your blades also extends the lifespan of your blades. It eliminates heat caused by dull blades and reduces friction as you use the clipper. The clipper oil contains premium formula that protects your hair clippers, shavers, blades and trimmers. It works for all Wahl clippers, shavers and trimmers. You can also use the oil for other clipper brands.

Additionally, the oil does not mess up your blade tip nor stain your clipper. Thus, you don't have to wipe and clean your workstation frequently due to oil stains.

Key Features

  • The Wahl clipper oil contains only premium quality ingredients
  • Made with the trusted Wahl cleaning formula
  • It is Ideal for all Wahl clippers, trimmers, shavers and blade
  • Works best and can be used on other clipper brands
  • It prevent dull and uneven blades

Is Wahl Clipper Oil For You?

  • It contains quality anti-rust properties
  • Ideal for all clippers, shavers and trimmers
  • A few drops will lubricate your blades for efficient use and prevent corrosion
  • Apply oil on the hair cutting tool before and after use
  • Gently brush after application to get oil to all angles
  • Ensure the oil is corked well after every use
  • Store in a cool, dry place

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rebecca bainivalu
clipper oil

I have been using Wahl oils for over 30 years