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Wahl Sculpturing Blade Set White

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Sculpting Blade Set undergo high-quality steel treatment to give rise to the flawless blade finish. The blades come in handy for sculpting hair and delivering a better look than any Wahl competition blade series. It features a special hexavalent treatment that makes it stand out in quality and tolerance.

The Wahl sculpting blade is made with high carbon steel, ensuring long-lasting use. It also ensures you have a smooth cutting thanks to the flawless design it spots. They are rust-resistant and does not corrode even under moist conditions due to the chrome plating finish. The blades come with a premium heat treatment that gives it a Rockwell Hardness rating of 64, high for a clipper blade.

The blade is compatible with a litany of Wahl blades like the sterling bullet and Mini designer pro for amazing cuts and sculpting finish. Wahl Sculpting Blade Set comes pre-lubricated, so you don't need to use clipper oil on first use.

Key Features

  • The blade set comes with a smooth cutting design that enables the stylist to give the best balding cuts
  • It is treated with premium heat which gives the material a high Rockwell hardness rating of 64
  • The high carbon steel material with optimum metal treatment makes it durable and long-lasting even with continuous use
  • The blades have a special hexavalent chrome finish that makes them rust-proof and protects them from corrosion to enhance longevity
  • The design helps them to carefully align with the trimmers for a sturdy fit using the blade screws

Is Wahl Sculpting Blade Set for You?

  • The blades are chrome plated, giving a high-quality finish for optimum durability and sturdiness
  • It comes with enough lubrication needing no further clipper blade oil
  • Unwrap the blades from the packaging carefully
  • Gently place the slot on the upper blade on the trimmer
  • Ensure to align the screw slot snugly over the white nylon drive ball on the trimmer
  • Hold the blade set in place and square on the trimmers tension spring
  • Tighten the screws carefully
  • Always brush and lubricate before use

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Nice product

It works great. Very sturdy and the quality is good.