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Wahl Shaving Cream 200g

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Shaving Cream is a soft shaving cream for sensitive skin, that aids the barber or user in making clean shaves easy and less stressful. The cream makes the possibility of nicks and cuts during shave very unlikely. It also drastically reduces the chances of an after-shaving rash appearing, which is a big benefit that results from the coconut oil content. It softens the skin and the hair follicles which in turn, prevents the growth of ingrown hairs that causes razor bumps.

This Traditional Barbers Shave Cream is a good shaving cream in all facets of judgment. The reason is that it not only lubricates the skin to allow smoother travel of the razor to prevent skin irritation. It is a great dry skin remedy as it helps the skin properly lock in moisture making it regain and retain its natural lustre.

Key Features

  • Softens the hair for easier cutting actions
  • Contains coconut oil which is great for skincare and maintenance
  • It has a smoothening aftereffect on the skin while lubricating it as well
  • It can be used in conjunction with clippers or shaving razors

Is The Shaving Cream 200g For You?

  • The shaving cream lubricates the skin, preparing it for a proper shave
  • It smoothens the skin and softens the hair and hair bristles which drastically reduces nicks and cuts, and to a great extent, prevents burns
  • It moisturises the skin, thereby eliminating dryness and irritation
  • Ensure your hair is clean and properly dried (exfoliate skin)
  • Apply cream and spread evenly to the parts that need to be cut (do this properly without using too much)
  • Leave on for a short time (in minutes). The duration is usually determined by the skin type and level of sensitivity.
  • Use a blade to shave or cut the area gently
  • Rinse the shaved area
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