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Wahl Shaving Cream 400g

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Shaving Cream helps you have a clean and smooth shave without worries of bumps or cut aftershave. The cream moisturises the skin area to be shaved and allows for quick and sleek grazes of the trimmer. It works not just on the skin but also on the hair as it makes the bristle softer for easy and quick cutting.

Wahl’s potion is one of the good shaving creams as it contains coconut oil that moisturises the skin. This gives you a smooth feeling after shave eliminating any bruise or nick worries on the skin. This is also a shaving cream for sensitive skin as it helps to stop irritations and dryness of the skin.

It is one of the best razor and skin-friendly shaving creams on the market. The cream works for both Wahl super trimmers and clippers from other brands. It also helps soothe the skin during shaving to avoid itching after the exercise. It comes in a 400g container, making it portable enough for your travel bag.

Key Features

  • The shaving cream contains coconut oil which helps to suit itching skin after a shave
  • It enables the trimmer to glide freely through the brittle and cut the hair smoothly
  • It gives your skin the resistance to cuts and nicks with its high-quality components
  • The cream comes in a 400g plastic container that fits suitably into any travelling bag
  • It lubricates the skin and allows smoother shaves

Is Wahl Shaving Cream for You?

  • It gives you a smooth feeling when shaving and moisturises the skin afterwards
  • It contains coconut oil that hydrates the skin and helps maintain a healthy body
  • Get a reasonable quantity of cream
  • Apply on the shaving area of choice
  • Allow for sometime before shaving for brittle to soften
  • Wash out with warm water after every shave

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality

A small amount goes a long way. No razor burns, no breakouts, easy glide actions. It has a rich lather that allows added protection while shaving as well the product feels good on your skin.


The product allows you to shave and then not have to put on lotion after shaving. It leaves your face feeling smooth and not with the dry feeling after shaving.

This brand is world class

They don't use ingredients that will irritate your skin. It gives a professional clean shave with an average razor. Highly recommend

Bev K.
Hubby lives this & goes

Hubby lives this & goes a long way

Jodie D.
Awsome only shave cream I

Awsome only shave cream I use in barber shop