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Wahl Styptic 60ml

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Styptic gives your skin the protective touch it needs after each shave. Applying this product is a healthy step to disinfect the skin around the shaved area and prevent germs. The after shaving oil gives a cooling sensation when applied to quell any bleeding and ensure all-around safety.

This Wahl Styptic oil contains essential oil ingredients that combat any incidence of germ in a shaving cut. It also helps the bruises sustained during fades and hair cuts to heal faster. This professional styptic ointment is better applied to the trims of the hair after a clean fade.

This after shaving oil helps to reduce blood flow from cuts as it is astringent and enhances blood clotting on the skin. It also soothes the bruised area of the skin thanks to its Vitamin E content. The chemical composition helps it act fast on all faded hair and skin nicks bruises.

The bottle design makes for easy and controlled applications to ensure maximum use. Its portable 60ml volume makes it suitable to fit any clipper bag.

Key Features

  • The oil comes in a portable plastic 60 ml container that can fit into any clipper bag and is accessible after every shave
  • The styptics Vitamin E content gives a soothing feeling to the skin area that has been cut and helps initiate fast healing.
  • It is Astringent as it enables the blood around the bruised area to clot faster and prevents excessive bleeding.
  • It helps to prevent germ attacks on a nick or cut on the skin due to its essential oils content

Is Wahl Styptic Oil for You?

  • It gives a soothing feeling to the skin area when applied, whether bruised or not
  • The oil helps to protect the skin from germs
  • It ensures that skin nicks, cut, or bruises that occur during fading heals fast
  • Drops small content of the styptic bottle on a cotton ball
  • Place cotton ball on bruised or shaved area
  • Apply slight pressure and smear over the surface for a while
  • Remove wet cotton and dispose properly
  • Allow area to air dry
  • Store the bottle away from combustions as it is highly inflammable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David F.

All good..exactly what I wanted, couldn't find it anywhere else..

Quality is great

I have small cut after shaving and it really does stop the bleeding. I highly recommend this.

River S.
Happy with purchase

Happy with purchase

Fantastic product!

It worked. It stops the bleed and dried up. I have just been applying it to the scab to ensure continued healing with no bandage. Fantastic

Does the job!

I'm 75 and on blood thinners this works great, I do have to apply it several times but it works now I don't look like I'm bleeding to death every time I get a small scratch.