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Wahl Taper Blade Set

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Benefits & Features

Wahl Taper Blade Set are high-quality US-made blades for excellent styling cuts on hair and skin. It assures maximum performance at all times, thanks to its amazing design and finishes. The blades do not need much lubrication because it comes well oiled in the package. This WAHL taper cutting blade set functions at the highest level with utmost blending precision thanks to its chrome-plated surface.

The smooth cutting design of the blade set complements its sturdiness and durable finish to assure every user of the best possible performance. The blades have a Rockwell hardness rating of 64, making them even more durable.

This blade replacement for Wahl super taper comes with a rust-proof finish and corrosion resistance for long-lasting use. It remains in the best shape and performance level for a long time due to the careful finish. The blades give smooth cuts and are skin-friendly as they do not heat up easily or expand carelessly.

Key Features

  • The blades are very hard, durable, and sturdy enough for a long-term continuous use
  • They feature a special hexavalent chrome finish that ensures they stay rust-resistant even when exposed to slight moisture
  • The blade comes with a smooth cut design and ergonomic layout, which ensure both the client and hairstylist is safe
  • It comes with a cutting length of 0.8- 2.5mm for the best fading and blending touch
  • The replacement blades also feature a superior quality finish that hinders corrosion on them

Is Wahl Taper Blade Set for You?

  • This original Wahl replacement blades not only gives the best cuts but lasts the longest
  • It has a one-fits-all cutting length which is suitable for balding, blending, and exquisite fading cuts
  • Comes pre-lubed, so no need for further oiling
  • Unwrap the replacement blades from the packaging carefully
  • Gently place the slot on the upper blade on the trimmer
  • Ensure to align the screw slot snugly over the white nylon drive ball on the trimmer
  • Hold the blade set in place and square on the trimmers tension spring
  • Tighten the screws carefully
  • Always brush and lubricate before use
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