35 Blue Hair Colours & Dyes: Ideas, Inspo and Expert Advice From A Beauty Writer

35 Blue Hair Colours: Ideas & Expert Advice From A Beauty Writer

Feb 19, 2024Sharnee Rawson

Are you feeling a little blue?

This year is the perfect time for a makeover, and there's no better way to brighten your look than with blue hair. This colour recalls the coolness of snowflakes, icicles and winter adventures. Just a glimpse will melt the chilliest hearts in no time.

Get started by browsing our ideas for blue hair below. You can even learn to create and maintain your favourites.



Expert Tips From A Beauty Writer

Have you noticed it's rare to spot anyone else with blue hair? 

One reason is blue hair takes a lot of courage. Most people are content with natural colours, such as blonde, brown, black or copper if they're feeling adventurous

Another reason is maintenance. Bleaching can cause long-lasting damage and dryness without the correct treatments. Plus, blue pigment fades quickly if certain steps are not followed.

Thankfully, we have tips to keep your hair looking bright and healthy for longer.

  • Preserve natural oils: Remember not to wash your hair a few days before your transformation. This allows natural oils to accumulate, which protects the hair from the harsh chemicals inside bleach and colour.

  • Avoid heat: Before and after your appointment, avoid damage from the sun and heated tools.
  • Avoid chemicals: Before and after your appointment, avoid additional bleach and dye for as long as possible.
  • Hydration: A common consequence of bleaching and colouring is dryness. While this is difficult to avoid, you can make a difference with Moroccanoil Smoothing Mask. This pushes intense moisture and hydration into the outer layers of the hair.


35 Ideas For Blue Hair Colour


1. Platinum Blue

If you're intimidated by blue hair, consider the platinum version. This will not offer extreme brightness and intensity. Yet, heads will still turn when you walk into a room. 

Keep in mind platinum blue will require plenty of bleach to get the job done.



2. Light Blue Hair

Are you ready for light blue hair?

This frosty colour is perfect for skin types with cool undertones. There are also bonus points for anyone with blue eyes, which help take the look to the next level.



3. Aqua

Is this blue? Is this green? Is this a combination?

Whatever the consensus, you will make waves after revealing your aqua hair. We recommend using Mermade Hair Waver Pro Pink 32mm for the ultimate beachy appearance.



4. Periwinkle

Although periwinkle appears purple rather than blue, you might be surprised to learn it's a combination of the two colours. You can get the best of both worlds by choosing periwinkle for your next transformation.



5. Violet Blue

Meet another combination of violet and blue. This deep shade wouldn't look out of place in a witch's kitchen or alchemist's laboratory. Instead, you can add this spellbinding colour to your hair.



6. Steel Blue

Steel blue looks like the latest fashion from a science-fiction movie. You can lean into the theme with silver jewellery on your ears, neck and wrists. Some metallic clothes and makeup will take your appearance to another dimension too.



7. Classic Blue 

This is what most people imagine when they think about blue hair. Despite choosing a classic, you will still receive countless gasps and compliments after revealing this colour to your loved ones.



8. Medium Blue

If classic blue is too perky, then medium blue might be the solution.

It's hard to resist this deep and intense variation, which isn't discordant with darker roots. The contrast might actually add dynamism to your appearance.



9. Dark Blue

Are you obsessed with dark blue hair yet?

This rich, vibrant and enigmatic pigment is the perfect way to make a statement, especially when paired with darker clothing.



10. Blue Black

For anyone with dark hair, this could become your new favourite colour.

Each hint of blue dye will improve depth and dimensionality. At the same time, there is less risk of damage and dryness from excessive bleach.

It's a win-win for everyone!



11. Coily Hair

Everyone knows coily hair already draws attention, but a touch of blue will take your appearance a step further.

Just keep in mind coils are naturally drier because oils cannot travel easily down the hair shaft. Plus, bleaching and colouring also cause dryness. For additional hydration, stockpile plenty of AMR Professional Hydrate & Repair Shampoo and AMR Professional Hydrate & Repair Conditioner



12. Braids

When booking your next appointment, consider switching the colour of your braids. You won't be surprised to learn our top recommendation is blue — just look at the stunning example!

Expert tip: Transforming your colour is quicker and easier with extensions. Choosing ready-made blue extensions means it's not necessary to bleach, dye or process your natural hair. 



13. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are already an enchanting hairstyle. Yet, adding a touch of blue takes the effect to a whole new level. Nobody will be able to look away!



14. Root Melt

If you love dyes and hate regrowth, there is a solution.

You can reduce your salon appointments by exploring root melt. This is done by melting the colour of the roots into the middle of the hair. You do not need to stress about regrowth because the roots are part of the look!

Expert tip: This works best for anyone with natural black or dark brown hair.



15. Blonde Roots

Instead of dark roots and blue hair, what about the opposite? 

A mix of blonde roots and blue hair is easy for anyone with naturally light hair. However, anyone with darker hair will need to work harder due to regrowth.



16. Blue Highlights

Now, here is a showstopper. Not only are blue highlights attractive, but they are healthier and lower maintenance than the full version.

You can add highlights to all hair types to create combinations nobody will forget.



17. Green Highlights

The name green highlights doesn't exactly match this charming and unconventional hairstyle. We think better descriptors would be island paradise, ocean waves or rainforest sky.

Whatever name you choose, it's impossible not to be impressed.



18. Blue Money Pieces

Most people have already seen money pieces on social media. However, these are usually natural colours like blonde, brown, black and copper.

To add a splash of excitement, it's time to explore blue money pieces. 



19. Blonde Money Pieces

Another version of money pieces is a blonde fringe on blue hair. The combination is the perfect ice queen transformation  almost enough to dethrone Elsa of Arendelle.



20. Blue Fringe

Cutting yourself a new fringe is already a bold statement.

Yet, it's possible to take the hairstyle up another notch if you don't mind the attention. Get started by covering your fringe in your chosen shade of blue. Next, show off the finished result!



21. Underdye

Like mullets, this hairstyle is business in the front and party in the back. A blue peekaboo looks understated until you toss your head, which reveals the stunning colour underneath.



22. Blue Ends

Here is a solution for anyone concerned about damaging their natural hair.

Adding blue ends will energise your appearance in an instant. Yet, you can trim or grow out the colour once you're ready for the next transformation.



23. Vertical Streaks

Vertical streaks wouldn't look out-of-place in the 90s. Thanks to the recent resurgence of the time period, it's the perfect time to bring them back!

We recommend blue streaks on dark hair for the best effect.



 24. Horizontal Streaks

Everyone has heard about vertical streaks, but what about horizontal streaks?

One of the best combinations is blue layered between pink, purple or green. A base of light blonde will make the streaks "pop" even more.



 25. Double Ombre

Are you ready to look mer-mazing? Despite the bad puns, this double ombre would certainly suit one of The Little Mermaid cast.

The combination of blue and green might even rival Ariel's famous red mane.



 26. Triple Ombre

Want to take double ombre to another level? 

A triple layer is one of the next best colour combinations on the market. Our suggestion is lighter blue at the roots, medium blue for the mid-lengths and dark blue for the ends. 



27. Split

Meet the opposite of boring hair. Split involves adding a different colour to either side of the hair. In this case, one side is blue-black and one side is blue. There are even streaks in the fringe.



28. Bubblegum Pop

Are your eyes constantly drawn to blue and pink candy? Well, this is your chance to rock these colours yourself.



29. Pastels

This colour combination gives new meaning to the quote: "Pastel vibes, happy lives." The blue and pink are certainly hard to ignore.



30. Blue Flame

We covered similar colours in the article "Get Ready For Autumn With These 31 Copper Hair Colours." However, we couldn't resist the chance to add more here.

Can you blame us?



31. Blue Lagoon

Although blue and green hair has already been covered, you cannot miss this version. The key is an infusion of lime green to replicate the algae found in lagoons.

It certainly looks better than it sounds!



32. Yellow & Blue Highlighter

Did you ever colour the ends of your hair with highlighters during class? Well, now is your chance to relieve your childhood dream. This blend of neon yellow and blue will practically glow in the dark...



 33. Iridescent 

There are almost no words to describe iridescent hair. The shimmering layers contain multiple different colours, such as blue, purple, pink and silver. This means only the most skilled hairdressers will achieve the correct combination. 

Before exploring iridescent hair, we recommend stockpiling plenty of Davroe Shine Fluid to maintain the signature lustre.



34. Mini Rainbow

Are you struggling to choose a single, double or triple shade? A mini rainbow means you don't need to choose  you can rock the colours of the rainbow in miniature!



35. Full Rainbow

Is there anyone bold enough to try full rainbow colours? If you take the plunge, let us know in the comments below.


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