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17 Long Hairstyles You Need to Try

Oct 25, 2017Samantha Bun

From cascading waves that evoke romance to sleek and sophisticated updos that exude confidence, this compilation is a curated guide to embracing the versatility and beauty of long hair.

Whether you're seeking inspiration for a formal event, a casual day out, or simply looking to refresh your look, these 17 stunning long hairstyles will inspire you to explore new horizons and express your personal style with flair.

Let's delve into the world of captivating long hairstyles, from ponytails to braids, with options that are bound to turn heads and make a statement. 

High Ponytail Hairstyles

The higher the hair the closer you are to heaven, am I right?

High ponytail hairstyles have been trending for some time now, especially with some of our hottest celebrities rocking the high pony like they own a horse. I have always wanted to pull off Ariana Grande style sleek ponytail, but my hair is way too short, and I don't have enough patience for extensions. So, I will just continue to have my hair envy right here and admire all the different ways you can style them.

And who knew there were so many ways to style a high ponytail?

Perhaps one day I will cave into getting extensions, so I can whip it like one of my favourite pole dancers Bailey Day *insert love heart eyes emoji*.

Ariana Grande holding her ponytail


Here are some of my favourite ways you can get creative with the high ponytail hairstyle.

1. Sleek high ponytail hairstyles

Chrissy Teigen with long hair performing on stage


Side profile of lady with long ponytail


Let's start with a classic. I just absolutely adore Chrissy Teigen in the slicked-back high ponytail because she has such a beautiful face shape with high cheekbones. Obviously, not everybody has this much hair on their head to make their pony look thick and voluminous, so some clip-on extensions will be needed to get that full and fluffy look.

The sleek high ponytail is the lazy girl's go-to as it is foolproof. All you need is extensions to match your hair colour, two hair ties, a boar bristle hair brush, some bobby pins and hairspray.

You basically grab a small section of your hair in the middle and tie it into a ponytail, then clip your extensions around it. Once you have layered your extensions to your desired thickness, use your brush to bring all your hair into a high ponytail and tie it securely.

Next, grab a small section of the hair from the ponytail at the back and wrap it around the ponytail. Pin it in to lock it in and then tame your baby hairs down with some hairspray.

Ta-da! Ariana Grande! Add some winged liner and you are ready to rock and roll. Have a look at this YouTube video for a visual demonstration.

2. Texturised high ponytail hairstyles

Lady with long texturised hair in ponytail


Long texturised ponytail


So this one is for those of you who want a bit more oomph and volume in your hair. Unfortunately for me, I'm not blessed with a small cutesy face like Ariana, so having the texture helps contour the face a bit more. I

It is perhaps best to achieve this look with unwashed hair that has been previously styled so you can get that volume, or you can use a product like Rockstar to add a bit of texture to it.

This style just requires a bit more teasing and using a teasing comb or brush. The rest of the process is quite similar to the previous one, except this YouTuber has just introduced me to the perky pony clip that you can insert to make your pony perkier and less flat.

Ah, the wonders of life!

3. Curly/Wavy high ponytail hairstyles

Curly ponytail for long hair


This one is very similar to the sleek ponytail, the process is entirely the same, except, you have to curl your hair using a thick curling tong beforehand. The extensions also need to be curled before you clip them into your hair.

YouTuber Katy of Lustre Lux's tip on curling your extensions is to hold the extensions between your drawers to secure them while you curl them. This is super handy advice!

She also has a handy tip for giving yourself a "facelift" by tightening the ponytail in a certain part to lift your face. Then when you have your ponytail up, brush in all your curls together to get both your natural hair and the extensions to blend in together.

If you don't have access to the perky pony device, she also shows you how to create volume in your ponytail by teasing a section under the top layer of hair to get that extra oomph effect.

4. Braided high ponytail hairstyles 

Front view of braided high ponytail
Blake Lively with high ponytail

Image Source - Pinterest

Hello Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid, my Queens *insert love heart eyes emoji again*.

With these two high ponytail hairstyles, you can proceed to do the same slicked-back pony with clip-in extensions and then braid the ponytail as a Dutch braid or a fishtail braid.

Sounds easy enough... if you know how to braid.

High ponytail with front of hair braided


Side view of lady with long hair and braid joining a ponytail

Image Source - Pinterest

Top view of lady with ponytail and rows of braids on top of head

Image Source - Pinterest

Unusual braid hairstyle with ponytail for long hair

Image Source

The other braid option is to have the braid design start from the roots of the hair towards the ponytail and have a plain straight or wavy high ponytail. You can have it in cornrow-styled Dutch braids, big voluminous braids as a quiff, a fishtail braid to crown the head, or as a Dutch braid at the back of your head.

Underneath the ponytail is a surprise factor - looks like a basic high ponytail, but wait, there's more!

Do you see what I mean about being obsessed?

Below is a YouTube video on how to achieve the look with four Dutch braids going towards the centre of the crown-like cornrows. She wraps her hair using a topsy tail - I have not seen those in forever!

I can't braid my own hair for the life of me, so I hope this one is achievable for you!

Go ahead and fulfil my dreams.

5. High ponytail with a high quiff 

Kim Kardashian with high ponytail and quiff

Image Source

Get a bit Kim Kardashian with your high ponytail hairstyle and an added quiff, which elongates the face. I'm normally not a fan of Kim K, but I do absolutely love this hairstyle. It is classy, elegant and quite simple.

The following YouTube tutorial by Patsy Jordan English demonstrates 4 different ways to style your quiff with volume. She does one version as a braid, another as a twist, another by tying the hair into knots and the final as a topsy tail created high quiff.

Boy does this chick have a lot of hair!

I hope you got inspired by all these high ponytail hairstyles and give them a go.

Please do it on my behalf as I don't have enough hair to put in a high pony.

Now let's move on to some braid hairstyles that look great but are not too difficult - although, if you are like me, you always appreciate a helping hand with braids.

Easy Braided Hairstyles

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with braids which were all of the craze last year after Coachella. I've loved braids since they were rocked by all my favourite movie protagonists Lara Croft and Katniss Everdeen.

There is something completely badass about braids, but at the same time can be worn elegantly in various styles. That is the beauty of braids. They are versatile and can be dressed for different occasions.

And my absolute favourite thing about them is that they are the easiest fix to a bad hair day. When my hair isn't behaving and feeling a bit flat, I simply put it into a braid to hold it together. Throughout the day they loosen up and still look good messy. Win-win!

Here are some absolutely gorgeous and easy braided hairstyles for your chosen occasion:

6. Woven Braid

There are so many ways to create the woven braid style. A lot of them look extremely difficult, however, there are so many YouTube videos out there to guide you into the right braid! Just like this six-strand braid shown in the image above. It gives an extra dimension to the standard braid as it is thicker and has more layers and texture.

View the YouTube video on how to achieve this look. 

7. Braided Crown

The braided crown is so mesmerising as it frames the face and highlights all your features. It can be styled neat, messy, crisscrossed or weaved.

There is something quite regal about the braided crown that can be worn in a formal event, or messy with some flowers for more of a Boho look.

Front view of braided crown hairstyle


Image Source

8. Flower Braid

The most exquisite of all braid designs is this flower braid. I love that you can be so creative with this style.

You can do this with the standard braid or fishtail braids for different effects. It is so pretty!

Flower-bun braid hairstyle rear view

Image Source

9. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaids may be a thing of the past, but these braids sure aren't.

There is something quite innocent and demure about the milkmaid braid, while also fun and playful. It can add the perfect touch to a high-neck dress for an evening event.

Lady with milkmaid braided hairstyle

Image Source - Pinterest

10. Undone French Easy Braided Hairstyles

The undone French braid is perfect for the boho girl.

It is ideal for wearing out to the park and the beach because it appeals to the wilder side and nature. It would be cute with a sun dress or a pair of overalls.

Undone french easy braided hairstyle rear view

Image Source

11. Fishtail Braids

I wish my hair was long enough to adorn some elegant fishtail braids.

They look really elaborate and complicated to do but can be quite easy once mastering the basics. They can be worn half up, relaxed, tight or fashioned in various ways.

Fishtail braids are so distinct that they are now making appearances in weddings and formals, or simply for everyday wear.

Rear view of lady with fishtail easy braided hairstyle


Image Source - Pinterest

12. Fake Faded Undercut

The fake faded undercut is such an edgy look that it borders on badass.

Basically, create a few thin braids on the opposite side of your fringe like cornrows to create the illusion of a fade and style the hair around it.

I preferably love this look with nice wavy hair to make the fake fade really pop, or it can also be worn with straight hair.


13. Double Dutch Pony

If you have nice long hair, why not double dutch?

This is the hair style for all the cool chicks out there to create a hip hop vibe like Kim Kardashian. The good thing about the double dutch pony is that they are quite tight and secure, so you can wear them to last. 

Double Dutch Braid in pink hair colour

Image Source - Instagram

14. Simple Braided Cornrows

This is the ultimate gangster look, for the hood chick with the most street credibility. This would be an awesome look to rock at the hippest RNB nightclub in town!

Rear view of simple cornrow braided hairstyle

Image Source - Pinterest

15. Messy Braids

The best part about wearing messy braids is that they require minimal effort but still look like a million dollars.

They are effortless, easy to maintain and can save you time from having to shampoo and condition your hair.

Rear view of long hair with messy braids

16. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk braids are the best fix-up for a bad fringe day. Or is that just me? Give your hair a bit of extra volume and lift with the mohawk braid.

Front view of lady with mohawk braid hairstyle

Image Source - Pinterest

17. Waterfall Braid

Last but not least, the prettiest of them all. This braid falls like beautiful ringlets cascading from the top like a waterfall.

This would be beautiful for a formal or evening event as it rings of sophistication and class. 

Rear view of waterfall braid hairstyle

Image Source

If you are lucky enough to have long hair then please enjoy it. We hope you have fun rocking all these gorgeous easy hairstyles.

Inspired for a new look? You can buy all the hair styling products you need with AMR and delivery is available Australia-wide!

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