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Pravana Vivids: How to Transform Your Colour with Striking Results

Sep 23, 2020Rachael Grant

The Pravana Vivids collection made so many people's dreams of having bright, rich-coloured hair true. These innovative, semi-permanent hair colours are easy to use even at home. Calling it vivid for the right reasons, Pravana manufactures this colour range in vibrant violet, neon pink, lime green, or electric blue hues to truly justify the name.

Regardless of whether you prefer muted or clear tones, you can get it with the appropriate tube of Pravana Vivids. You can recreate a full rainbow hair if you wish or revamp bleached hair to surprise yourself in the mirror with a new look in aquamarine or jade.

What's best, the application won't cause any damage to your hair because the colour is semi-permanent. But how exactly do you use Pravana Vivids?

Read below to learn more about using this fab hair colour range and to understand the details of the Pravana Vivids colour chart.


Pravana Vivids Colour Chart

There will be slight variations with the application of Pravana Vivids to get intense or more pastel colours. It is good to know how to:
  • Differentiate among the multiple colour intensities
  • Compare them to Pravana Pastels and Pravana Neons.

Pravana Vivids Instructions

Before application, consider your natural base colour, as well as any highlights of bleach application you have on your hair. For best results which are true to displayed tones on Pravana Vivids tubes, you need to have bleached hair. However, the basic use instructions still apply to the full range of colours.

How to Apply Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in 7 Easy Steps

ChromaSilk Vivids contain elfe flower extract, true unicorn root, and sea buckthorn oil to provide a unique formula for fresh tones that simultaneously colours and nourishes your locks.


To use the Chriomasilk range, follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose from Chomasilk Vivids Colour chart
  2. Do not add any developer
  3. Apply Pravana Chroma colour directly, straight from the tube
  4. Allow colour to process for 30 minutes
  5. Use the colour at room temperature. (Shorten the time to 20 minutes if you use heat.)
  6. Thoroughly wash out the colour
  7. Apply shampoo and lather until the water is clear.

The unique characteristic of Pravana Vivids is that they are somewhere in between permanent and direct dye. This lets you colour your hair effortlessly and get long-lasting results.

Pravana Vivids Clear: Dilute and Pastel - What's the Difference?

Another way to use Vivids is to go for the Clear range that allows diluting colours. You shouldn’t mix Pravana Vivids Clear-Dilute with Pravana Vivids Clear-Pastel: Vivids Clear provides bright, vibrant colours while Vivids Pastel provides muted tones.


How to Mix Pravana Vivids

If you don't dye straight from the tube, follow the steps below:
  • Mix it in a ratio of 1:1 ½. (Use one part colour and one-and-a-half part developer.)
To enhance colour with ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color:
  • Mix one part of Pravana Vivids Everlasting and one part of ChromaSilk
To reduce the intensity and get pastel tones:
  • Mix one part of Pravana Vivids Everlasting Pastel Potion with either:
  • Other Pravana Everlasting dyes or
  • ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color.



You can truly transform your hair with Pravana. If you lack ideas about the change you'd like to make, take a look at the inspirational ideas about the most popular Pravana shades below.

10 Inspirational Pravana Vivids Ideas You Need to Pin

You don't need to go full-on unicorn: use Pravana to improve balayage results or simply correct a rose gold that has gone wrong.

1. Silver Balayage

Here is how to transform a balayage by mixing equal parts of Smokey Silver & Violet Express Tones and Zero Lift developer.

2. Pumpkin Spice Hair Balayage

Use Pravana ChromaSilk red range for a more natural, true fall shade:

3. Cute Pink Dream

Apply bright pink Pravana Vivids - dilute with a 10 Vol or 20 Vol developer for a lighter outcome.

4. Bright Lavender Curls

Achieve this shade found between baby blue and blooming lavender by mixing equal parts of Pravana Vivids Luscious Lavender and Blissful Blue.

5. Neon Green Deep Dye

Spice up your bob haircut by lightening the ends with an unexpected light green (It requires bleaching for maximum results.)


6. Pride Love Art

Why not share a message and give your value vibes via your hair? We say yes.

7. Dimensional Baby Blue

It may require some serious dye melting skills - proceed carefully when DIY!

8. Bored-at-Home Hair

You don't need to cut your long locks out of boredom. For fab, instant results when you cannot visit your hairdresser, use semi-permanent colours to achieve tricoloured pastel fabulousness that brightens your mood in no time.

9. Refreshing Pink Lemonade

It looks as good as it sounds - mix three components: Too Cute Coral on the roots, Rose Quartz and Clear in the mids and Neon Yellow with Pravana Vivids Clear (Dilute) on the ends.


10. Fuchsia balayage

This cotton candy shade will match darker makeup tones perfectly. For the quick, no-fuss transformation from a blonde to a darker brown shade, go for pink or violet with Pravana mixed solutions.


How to Care for Your Pravana Vivids Treated Hair

Since Pravana Vivids are semi-permanent, you need to adjust your hair care routine with products that extend its long-lasting effects. Pravana offers a range of hair care products buy you can use any trusted intense treatments, shampoos, masks, and nourishing conditioners that remove buildup and gently cleanse your hair while providing vitamins, minerals and oils that are essential to keep it healthy. 

You can correct a shade done poorly. However, it will still take some time if you want a more radical change. Getting to the perfect colour is possible, but not always that simple if you lack experience with Pravana Vivids. After all, there are so many shades.

When unsure, visit your hairdresser. Consult the Pravana Vivids Colour Chart several times before applying rainbow mixes to your locks. Take it easy with pastel tones if you want to check if a colour suits you. Let us know in the comments how you like your new Pravana hair!

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