26 Purple Hair Colours: Ideas & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

26 Purple Hair Colours: Ideas & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

May 31, 2024Sharnee Rawson

Did you know purple was once reserved for the royal family?

Nowadays, this colour is found everywhere in the beauty world. From nails to makeup, everyone wants to channel their inner royal. One of the most recent trends involves experimenting with hair  even Kylie Jenner and Katie Perry are embracing the craze!

If you want to unleash the power of purple colour for your hair, check out the list of ideas below. Plus, the most common types of questions will be answered.



1. Platinum Purple Hair

Do you want to introduce a "pop" to platinum hair?

Adding purple tones is the perfect spin on this popular shade. Keep in mind only a small amount of pigment is needed. Otherwise, you could end up with a deeper result than expected!



2. Periwinkle

Did you know periwinkle is actually blue infused with purple?

Sitting in-between on the colour wheel, this is perfect for someone who cannot decide whether they want blue or purple hair. 



3. Light Purple Hair

Light purple hair is perfect for anyone wanting to look as dreamy as a flower.

Onlookers will imagine fields of lavender, lilac, bellflowers, verbena and geraniums. Not a bad association at all!



4. Violet Blue

 "You're turning violet, Violet!"

Unlike the famous scene from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, this choice will turn heads for all the right reasons. You can consider using a combination of violet and blue to achieve the signature look.



5. Grape

Get ready to emulate the brightness of grape-flavoured confections rather than natural fruit.

The result is an eccentric hairstyle for someone who exudes confidence  symbolising daring and individuality to everyone around them.



6. Medium Purple

With deeper tones than grape, medium purple carries an other-worldy vibe.

Get started by applying bleach followed by the desired pigment on a darker base. You can also use a straightener to intensify the unnaturalness of the look.



7. Dark Purple

Are you searching for the darkest possible purple?

This option is suitable for anyone with darker hair who wants a full head of purple. The result recalls the drama of Disney villains and sorcerers

For bonus points, use Mermade Hair Waver Pro Pink 32mm to achieve stunning waves.



8. Neon

It's time to electrify the senses with a neon masterpiece.

Transcending the conventions of beauty, anyone with a vibrant personality will fall in love with this shade. In a world where natural tones are commonplace, it's clear that neon is a beacon for individualism.



9. Purple-Pink

If you want to start an argument, ask someone whether this is purple or pink. 

The reason nobody can agree about the result is because it's the perfect mix of both. For this reason, purple-pink hair should be reserved for experienced hairdressers who are skilled enough to achieve equilibrium.  



10. Brown-Purple

Are you hesitant about plunging into the world of purple hair?

For brunettes, a wine-like colour is the solution. The subtle tones will move beyond the conventional colour spectrum without attracting unwanted attention. 



11. Shadow Roots

This is for anyone who values low-maintenance transformations.

Shadow roots describe the technique of blending roots and mid-lengths to create unity. There is less need to worry about overgrown roots because it's part of the look!



12. Purple Highlights

Are you concerned about the side effects of bleach and colour?

We all know harsh chemicals can lead to damage, dryness, weakness and frizziness. Thankfully, highlights can add touches of purple without compromising the entire head of hair. 



13. Purple Money Pieces

In the last few years, money pieces have been appearing all over social media platforms. From blonde to brown, a wide range of colours have been tried-and-tested.

Before the trend is over, you should join the craze by applying purple to the front sections of the hair. 



14. White Money Pieces

Meet an alternative to purple money pieces.

Although this option describes a purple base with white money pieces at the front, these can be switched with other colours if desired, such as green, blue, orange and black.



15. Peekaboo

Do you want purple hair in your workplace?

Peekaboo is business on the top and party underneath. A simple swish of the head will reveal the hidden surprise, which is always a crowd pleaser.



16. Purple Roots

If you're someone who doesn't mind high-maintenance hair, then purple roots might be the choice for you.

Keep in mind you will need regular bleach and colour sessions to maintain the effect. A professional-grade mask is also required to minimise damage, weakness and dryness over time.



17. Purple Tips

Dip your hair into the world of purple colour.

For anyone who isn't sure about extreme brightness, purple tips are the answer. They can easily be trimmed away whenever the mood arises!



18. Double Ombre

Are you struggling to decide between two shades of purple?

Double ombre showcases the best of both worlds. Whether you choose light-to-dark or dark-to-light, this cascade of colour is always a winner. You can even mix and match colours on the opposite end of the spectrum, such as purple and yellow.



19. Triple Ombre

Are you the type of person who orders three scoops of ice cream because you can't decide on a flavour?

Well, your hair doesn't need to be any different!

Triple ombre is the opportunity to try three purple shades or three entirely different colours. The decision is all yours!



20. Split

Let's introduce the fraternal twin of double-ombre.

Split involves adding a different colour to either side of the hair. In this instance, one side is deep purple and one side is lime green.



21. Purple Fire

Have you ever seen a colour combination like this before?

The purple overlaid with bright orange creates a fantastical flame-like appearance, which is the perfect transformation for Halloween.

Expert tip: Complete the aesthetic with matching makeup and nails.



22. Eggplant

Another spooky-looking style is this dual-coloured eggplant.

With a spill of green from the crown to the mid-lengths, this style will breathe new life into a stale appearance. Experiment with deep shades of purple to make the green stand out further.



23. Ocean Purple

Imagine an oceanic masterpiece in the hair — a mix of blue/indigo and purple cascading down the back like a waterfall. This combination will leave onlookers craving the deep depths of the sea. 

Expert tip: Add a spritz of Muk Beach Muk Sea Salt Spray to complete the look.



24. Ice Roots

Unlike shadow or purple roots, this choice involves removing colour.

You can achieve this by bleaching the roots and sections of the mid-lengths to ends. This creates the illusion of creeping frost, especially when toner is used to maintain a flawless white finish.



25. Wildberry

Blueberries, raspberries and mulberries are the inspiration for this wildberry creation. The three different colours can be added throughout the hair in whatever arrangement is desired.



26. Pastels

Finally, we need to mention pastels. You can either begin with light purple or wait until dark purple fades over time. Either option will help you stand out from the crowd.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the rarity of purple hair, there are plenty of unanswered questions. Many people are concerned about the suitability of the colour, selecting the dye and the removal process.

Below, the top three questions have been answered in detail.


Will Purple Hair Suit Me?

Determining whether purple hair will suit you depends on a wide range of factors.

One of the biggest determiners is skin tone. For instance, cooler-toned purples tend to complement people with cooler skin tones, while warmer purples are flattering on warmer or olive skin tones. However, there's always room for personal preference.

If you're unsure, consider trying temporary hair colours before committing to a permanent decision.


Which Purple Hair Dye Is The Best?

Ultimately, the "best" purple dye will vary from user to user. It's always a good idea to consider hair type, colour history, values and reviews beforehand. 

To get started, follow the links in the list above. You can also explore popular brands like Adore, Goldwell, Pravana and Muk.


How To Remove Purple Hair Dye

  1.  Clarifying Shampoo: If you have time to spare, we recommend clarifying shampoo. This is designed to remove product buildup, which can help fade colour over time.

  2. Vinegar, dish soap, baking soda or vitamin C: Some people have reported success with either vinegar, baking soda or vitamin C. However, these products are not intended for use on the hair, which means the results are largely mixed.

  3. Colour Remover: If the above methods don't work, there is colour remover. This is the most popular solution because it is specifically designed for hair dye. Just remember to follow the instructions carefully as these are harsh on the hair and scalp.

  4. Bleach: As a last resort, you can use bleach to lighten or remove colour. This is a drastic measure and should only be attempted by professional hairstylists.

After any of these options, follow up with a deep-reaching mask or treatment. These will restore moisture and nutrients to the hair after the rigorous stripping process.

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