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You may have encountered many keratin-based hair solutions, but Keratin Complex® is unique! They’re among the first to deliver a pioneering keratin product that revolutionised hair smoothing treatments. Be it for straight, frizzy or curly hair, customised products by Keratin Complex are tailored to nurture cuticles from within. Through all stages of haircare, including hot tool application, colouring, and aftercare, they’ve designed it. If you don’t know anything about the science of keratin yet, the Keratin Complex no-brainer explanation gives you all the insights you need to learn why keratin can help you transform hair in innovative ways.

Keratin Complex® Solutions

Firstly, hair can suffer from poor texture all the time because of harsh environmental conditions. But when you dye it frequently or apply hot tools to style it several times a week, the damage can be irreversible. Unless you somehow strengthen the hair bonds, replenish the protein, and smooth out the texture, your hair can suffer. Keratin Complex provides all that, including:

Secondly, if you are looking for a specific benefit, Keratin Complex has categorised its products into six categories. Furthermore, benefits include moisturising, reparative, strengthening, thermal protection, volumising, and UV protection.

Keratin Complex® Pro

Hair professionals can get certified, find resources, and virtual education to help clients achieve luscious, shiny, frizz-free hair. Salon-special products include intense care lines for Smoothing, Color, Bond Rebuilder, and Blow-dry Services, and links to product distributors. Keratin Complex wants to help build your business together, so they’ve ensured you have the best access to education. Additionally, this also includes access to brand materials, Social Media Imagery and SDS Sheets.


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