Black Hair Extensions

Black Hair Extensions

Are you seeking intense black hair extensions? 

This colour offers endless hairstyling possibilities. You can choose temporary solutions for a quick glow-up or permanent solutions for long-term wear. Whatever your choice, there will be incredible length and volume afterwards. 

To reap the rewards, check out the wide range of black hair extensions below.

All About Hey Stacey Roxanne

One of the best choices for black hair extensions is Hey Stacey Roxanne. 

This is the darkest shade in the collection made with an ultra-black base under any type of lighting and deep blue undertones to create dimension, which prevents an artificial or "box dye" appearance. 

You can also choose from plenty of different styles, such as halos, wefts, tapes, ponytails, clip ins and flat tips. 

What About Lighter Shades?

If black hair extensions are too extreme, there are lighter versions available.

We recommend chocolate brown hair extensions and dark brown hair extensions for anyone who wants richness without going overboard. Some of the shades even appear black in certain lighting!

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