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Mira Styling Hair Brushes

Mira Italian hair brushes are the go-to tools for professional hairdressers since 1862. Trusted by many, you will find sustained quality that will last you over many years of salon use. Volume, shine, and smoothness - are three primary goals of characteristic Mira Styling brushes, made from a combination of boar and synthetic bristles. For effortless gliding and grasping hair, every hairstyle becomes a breeze! Mira reinforced radial brushes use a mix of natural boar and nylon bristles to create a heat-resistant surface that protects hair while retaining its structure for the desired hairstyle. Mira Styling Small Bristle Brushes Hard-to-reach spots? Fringe styling? Short hair blowouts? Large brushes are not ideal for such hairstyles — you need a smaller solid brush that can reach places.

Short Bristle Brushes

For styling short-to-medium hair, you need the proper Mira Styling tool to set hair and go easy on your hand.

Mira Large Styling Brushes

This is what hairdressing brushes were made for - big hair and volume envy!

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