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15 Types of Fringe You Can Use to Restyle a Stale Look

15 Types of Fringe You Can Use to Restyle a Stale Look
January 2, 2022

Rachael Grant

If you are perplexed by all types of fringe that you see trending on hair salons’ Insta pages, you are not alone. It can be hard to follow the fashion pace and know exactly what to ask for when restyling a fringe. It is time to make things easier for you.

The Ultimate Cutting Secrets for Common Types of Fringe

The simplest way to tell a hairdresser what you want is to show a picture. But a little hairstylist lingo won’t hurt either. You can earn extra points as a client that knows what they want. 

And if you are a hairdresser, working out what clients mean when describing the many types of fringe can be unsettling. Therefore, mastering bangs hairstyles is among the coolest skills you can present as an expert. Let’s take a look at fifteen common types of bangs that are often found on clients’ wishlists.  

1. Curtain fringe

This relaxed bangs hairstyle consists of bangs parted in the middle that grow longer in the ends, recreating drapes and curtains that frame your face. Curtain bangs suit most face shapes and are easy to grow and style in several different ways:


2. Wispy bangs

Unlike blunt bangs that cover the most of your forehead, wispy bangs provide a partial cover. The wispy type of fringe suits thin hair and is an easy choice for first-time dwellers into the fringe arena. They are typically on the longer side and cover the eyebrows, giving a soft, romantic vibe:

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3. Arched bangs

Arched bangs are a type of blunt bangs. However, instead of being cut flat across the forehead, they are shaped like a curve that follows the natural curve of the face. They are not as dramatic as the classic blunt fringe and work best on clients with thick hair: 

4. Braided bangs

Most braided bangs are not “real” bangs, at least not as real as those types of fringes that require a haircut. You can pull off a braided fringe even if you don’t have a shorter section in the front. The looks you can achieve a range of styles from a hippie boho queen to an Amazon or African queen, depending on the braiding type:

5. Baby bangs

Baby bangs are shorter, somewhat irregularly chopped bangs that come to the middle horizontal point of your forehead. They are not only practical for providing clear eyesight to little people but also super cute and great for accentuating beautiful eyes on adults:

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6. Textured fringe

A good texture is the best friend of many haircuts and even a best friend of amazing fringe hairstyles. By playing with texture, you can get the most personalised type of fringe. A useful benefit of textured bangs is that they don’t require too much of a styling hassle. They don’t need a lot of blowdrying but you do need a good styling wax:

7. V-shaped bangs

Not among the types of fringe that are frequently sought, V-shaped bangs are a unique and quirky hairstyle that will suit oval or heart-shaped faces. If you want to really draw attention to your eyes and brows, then this is the type of fringe for you:

8. Blunt bangs

If you are already cutting bangs, why not do it properly? The blunt way is the conventional way and an all-time classic that still works for those that like a simple change. Blunt bangs are an exciting way to spruce up a textured bob and avoid looking like everyone else:

9. Side fringe

A side fringe is excellent for most types of hair thickness and texture. Your hairdresser can cut your side bangs to flow into your sides and create a frame for your face that suits you. Regardless of how straight or curly your natural hair is, you cannot go wrong with a side-swept fringe:

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10. Choppy bangs

Choppy bangs are a subtype of textured bangs. The only difference is that they have more texture and uneven layers whose different length is more noticeable. Since you can style choppy bangs to both sides and to the front, they are one of the most flattering hairstyles for hair with volume and a laidback style: 

11. Asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are produced by cutting your hair in a diagonal line across your forehead. In this way, your newly cut fringe will resemble side bangs but without the layers. Asymmetrically cut bangs are like blunt side bangs and are the most stunning when mixed with vibrant colours

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12. Pin-up fringe

If you are all in for a high-maintenance hairstyle, updos with pin-up bangs will create wonders. Make sure you have all the right equipment to carry this type of fringe like a star, including hot rollers, hair clips, and hair spray used to create the bombastic fringe and help it set in place:


13. Dreadlocks bangs

Dreadlocks often look strange and unflattering if the bangs are not included – few people can make that work. To rock the dreadlock hairstyle, ask you hairdresser to cut your bangs longer than usual so that you have enough length to produce the messy, nonchalant hairstyle.

14. Wavy or curly bangs

You can achieve the curly shag that dominates hairstyling trends this year by cutting off wavy or curly bangs. Depending on the size of your curls, these types of fringes can vary in length, texture, and thickness. However, all wavy types of fringe have one thing in common – a carefree, badass attitude that reminds us of 80s dance music and loose tops over the shoulder. What’s not to like? 

15. Spiky bangs

Spiky bangs are appropriate for the shortest of the short haircuts, for example, punk hair or a mohawk. Although you can carry a longer spiky fringe partially covering your forehead, the true nature of the mischievous hairstyle comes to fruition on spikes popping out and pointing to the sky or on pixie cuts: 

Armed with newfound enthusiasm and optimism for getting the most suitable bangs among the many types of fringe, we foresee an imminent salon visit. We look forward to the results! 

If you want to know how to choose bangs for your face shape of look for a short hair with fringe hairstyles, check out these inspo articles: 

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