5 Charcoal Shampoo Benefits for Squeaky Clean, Shiny, Bouncy Hair

July 30, 2019

Rachael Grant

There is nothing like a good hair wash to make you feel enlivened and refreshed after a long day. If the wash comes together with a scalp massage in your favourite hair salon, even better! But thoroughly clean, healthy hair is only partially due to the magic in the hands of your stylist. Shampoo plays a major role in your hair health and if you don’t make the right choice, the results qill vary. We all want to get that easy-breezy, lightweight yet bouncy shiny hair look. It’s only one among the many charcoal shampoo benefits you will notice after you start regularly using the right charcoal shampoo, conditioner, and oils.

Why Charcoal Became a Popular Beauty Product Ingredient?

There is charcoal soap, charcoal face masks, even a charcoal black lemonadeThanks to its toxin-absorbent properties, activated charcoal has long been used as an over-the-counter drug for aching tummies. Since it has proven its power on the inside and on the skin, someone clever posed a great question: Why not use charcoal shampoo benefits, as well, get clean hair with a nature-created product? Thanks to that incisive insight and years of active charcoal use as a helpful medicine, we can now bask in its benefits for our hairs.  

Keep in mind that activated charcoal is not the same as the coal you use on your grill. So, don’t try to take care of your hair with coal leftovers from a weekend barbecue! The charcoal shampoo benefits arise from dust powder combinations manufactured from coconut shells, peat, petroleum coke, coal, fruit pits, or sawdust. All in all, numerous natural ingredients with plenty of minerals that are the essence of unparalleled cleaning effect. It all comes down to understanding what charcoal shampoo does to your scalp and how to best maximise its benefits. So, let’s explore the multiple charcoal shampoo benefits you will reap from this newly popularised hair beauty gem.

1. Purified scalp without accumulated residue

Many shampoos on the market aim for a gentle cleanse because hair, in general, is getting dryer and more sensitive due to frequent washes, a stressful lifestyle, and ever-changing beauty trends. Not so unexpectedly, your scalp is sometimes in a dire need of a thorough cleansing and a true detox, just as your body needs the same from the inside. A healthy scalp plays a major part in your hair health. Similarly to how activated charcoal can help you detox the body when you’ve taken something unpleasant to your digestive system, so does charcoal shampoo produce a similar detoxifying effect to your scalp.  

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The deeply purifying charcoal shampoo benefits are somewhat identical to what charcoal face products do to oily skin and clogged pores. Charcoal shampoo creates a natural barrier on the scalp by tightening pores. It prevents any aggressive environmental ingredients get though and dirty the hair.  The end result is hair that can keep its bounciness and elasticity and remains clean all the way from roots to ends. Of course, styling hair with such quality and cleanliness is always easier. Even if you decide to use a full range of charcoal products, they won’t weigh down the hair when applied moderately. 

2. Super-gentle greasy hair washer

Greasy hair has its benefits. It doesn’t get split ends that much, but it also comes with its own fair share of issues. One of which is finding an adequate shampoo that removes the excess oils without being too harsh on the scalp.  Deep cleansing is not the sole charcoal shampoo benefit. The black mass soothes the scalp after the wash, making it less itchy than your typical greasy hair shampoo. Although most oily hair shampoos come with added agents to ease down the deep-cleaning ingredients, some chemicals can still produce that unwanted dry scalp effect. 

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Charcoal shampoos help hydrate the scalp. When accompanied by a charcoal conditioning treatment, it will make the unpleasant flaky itchiness go away sooner.   

3. Balanced anti-dandruff treatment

To fight annoying dandruff, hairstyling products need to be carefully mixed concoctions, neither overburdened with nourishing oils and healing additives nor too dry. Charcoal bestows your hair with that fine balance. In fact, some clever customers have known about the anti-dandruff charcoal benefits for some time now and have been mixing charcoal into their regular shampoo. 

Needless to say, the advantages of charcoal shampoo are better felt when you don’t have to turn into a home beauty wizard. It’s much easier to ask for an effective anti-dandruff charcoal product at your local beauty store and get its diverse benefits from a single bottle or two. If you fall in love with charcoal and decide to go full-charcoal, there is always space to go for that later.

4. Encourages hair growth and pumps up the volume

Apart from its healing, cleansing, and soothing qualities, charcoal shampoo benefits the hair by stimulating growth and creating volume. If your hair has split ends, charcoal prevents outside dirt from coming in and additionally damaging the fibres. Fewer split ends equal healthier hair with more chances to grow faster without falling and thinning.

You can say goodbye to lifeless, dull hair just by starting to use the charcoal shampoo. Use it once or twice per week to see how it affects your hair.  Since the frequency of use depends on your hair quality and your lifestyle, go easy with the washing and the hair care products at the beginning.  This approach will help you check your hair detoxing needs and gently incorporate charcoal shampoo into your hair care routine.   

5. Helps hair products become more effective

Besides purification, this shampoo also provides extra benefits for versatile hair textures and beauty product application. It doesn’t mean that you must have oily hair to feel the charcoal shampoo benefits.  Many brands are sulphate-free which makes them convenient for various hair qualities, including dry and frizzy hair.

Less sebum and fewer external pollutants make the scalp well-prepared to receive the goods from other hair-care products. A clean scalp is a better surface for hair mask absorption and long-lasting styling. The effects of a blow dry will be felt long after the first 24 hours when it is free of all impurities and with just the right amount of necessary hair products. No overdue residues!

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