6 Short Layered Haircuts for the Summer

Short layered haircuts
November 9, 2017

Samantha Bun


Summer means more fun in the sun, and perhaps giving the hair a bit of a snip? Summer is the season of short layered haircuts! Sydney summers can get awfully hot, and sweaty long hair only makes the situation worse. Short hair is quite carefree, requires less maintenance and is easier to style. So, why the heck not?

I love it when I get a big snip – my head just feels light and feathery. This summer I might end up doing my favourite short layered haircut; the concave bob. Last summer, my hair got butchered by my aunt and it was way too short to pull off a concave. I still love her to death and luckily hair does grow back, so this could be the year.

Other than the concave bob, there is a large variety of short layered haircuts you can try if you’re game for the big snip or bold enough to go pixie. Here are some of my favourite short layered hairstyles that I have found on Instagram that may inspire your next do.

1. Short layered haircuts – Textured Bob

The textured bob is the safest short layered hairstyle you can possibly do. Depending on your face shape, you will need to style it to make sure it frames and accentuates your face nicely. I have a round face shape, so I needed a lot of volume with this cut, otherwise, all you will see is my round head. The added volume from a blow dry, slight teasing and added product makes my face look a little bit smaller. I also had my hair toned silver at the time, so most people paid attention to the colour and the shortcut gave it a slight edginess.  I love the textured bob with light and bouncy curls as it looks very playful and fun. It also brings out the different layers of the hair. Again, this adds more volume and makes the face look a bit smaller, or accentuates your face shape.

2. Short layered haircuts – Inverted Bob


The inverted bob is for those of you who love the voluminous high hair or want to revive the good ol’ Posh Spice. This was, in my opinion, Victoria Beckham’s absolute best haircut! This cut makes your head look a bit more oval and long from the side and suits longer face shapes. It is a great way to style your hair with volume. I think the inverted bob also looks fabulous with highlighted hair because it brings out all the different colours in the hair. While the Victoria Beckham style is very sleek and professional, an alternative is to style this haircut shaggy for a fun and funky look.

3. Short layered haircuts – Concave Bob


Concave bobs are my obsession before braided hairstyles, you can read a previous article I wrote on concave bobs here. This is another style popularised by Victoria Beckham because she is so chic. You can have your concave bob as an inverted or graduated cut, just like the previous but with the front longer. You can also have it in a wedge cut that is more compact and short at the back. You can really play with your concave bob styling by having it asymmetrical (which I will get to next) or you can have it with an undercut on one side hidden. The concave bob can be styled straight, loosely curled or wavy for more volume and for different occasions. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

4. Short layered haircuts – Asymmetrical Crop

Who likes symmetry nowadays anyway? Okay, maybe not the OCD folk, but for the rest of you rule breakers and risk takers, why not put the edge on your short-layered haircut by giving yourself a slanted cut? It is edgy and all the cool kids are doing it.  I think asymmetrical hair is just so much more interesting than ordinary straight cut hair. It makes you look more fun and approachable, especially if you had fashion colours going through it just like the image below. I love the silver and pastels with the light curls. This is a gorgeous look, paired with a nice winged eyeliner and bright lippy.

5. Short layered haircuts – Pixie Cut


My ultimate hair envy is with anyone who can pull off a pixie cut. I adore pixie cuts and have always wanted one, but unfortunately, it does not compliment my round chubby face. Instead, I will watch and admire those who can rock a mad pixie. It is well suited with longer and smaller face shapes.

Pixie cuts are also quite fun and easy to style. All you need is a good blow dry to fluff the hair up, some styling mud or wax, and boom! Instant volume. I like the pixie with a side swept fringe and the top shorter bits volumized to show the different layers.

6. Short layered haircuts – Pixie with Undercut

So what’s even better than a pixie cut? A pixie with a rad undercut, of course. Why not be a little bit extra and get a cool pattern carved? We recently stocked the pen razor blade on our online store and it is honestly the coolest thing. Your stylist can create some wicked designs, or otherwise, you can keep it simple with just a layered undercut.

Another one of my short hair options is the blunt bob cut, which isn’t a “layered” haircut, but still stunning.

Here are some styling products you can use to shape and perfect your short-layered haircut.

Instant Rockstar Matte Rock Wax can help you achieve a matte look that is grease and shine free. This is more so for the rough and edgier styling like with your spiked pixie.

Rockstar Matte Rock Wax

03 Styling Mud is very similar to the rock wax, but with a more flexible hold making it easier to style.

O3 Styling Mud

I don’t know about you, but I’m booking an appointment with my hairdresser right about… now! Please comment and share your fresh cut if you decide to do a short layered haircut this summer.

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