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21 Aug

Black pepper shampoo is a fairly recent addition to our beauty shelves. You may have heard that some hairstylists like using it as a deep cleanser before keratin treatments because it helps proteins act more effectively. 

The hair strengthening and growth-stimulating benefits of pepper shampoo have long been known to certain traditions. The Indian natural hair cosmetics includes a traditional blend of black pepper, coconut oil, and castor oil that can be used as a hair detox mask, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Since black pepper as a spice is so popular as a digestive, why not make topical use of it as a pepper shampoo? Our hair may as well benefit from the dozens of reinvigorating metabolic benefits already used in black pepper. 

How a Popular Spice Got into a Black Pepper Shampoo Bottle

Do you know the feeling of eating a tasty dish with black pepper? The taste buds get aroused and the food tastes even better.  

A similar effect happens when you use black pepper shampoo on your hair. The mild hair irritation acts as a scalp massage and purifies it deeply. It helps the other shampoo ingredients become more effective, penetrate deeper and do their job better. So, what is so special about pepper shampoo and why should you start thinking about incorporating it in your hair care regimen? It does a number of wonders – here they are: 

Hair Growth Stimulant

Black pepper shampoo is a powerful tonic that will improve the blood circulation of your scalp, next to the hair roots, and stimulate hair growth. 

You can add all the helpful growth boosters in the shape of vitamins and minerals to your hair. If you don’t support their infiltration into the scalp by mechanically helping them slip into the pores, you will water down the stimulating effect.

Black pepper by itself rich are flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamins A and C – all strong antioxidants. These help with stimulating healthy hair! It not only massages the scalp, but it also feeds the cells with crucial components for its health.

Improved Cellular Metabolic Processes

Irritated skin gets energised and refreshed. Washing your hair with pepper shampoo will activate the natural metabolic processes. These processes act as part revitalises and part defenders of the scalp from the external cleansing trigger – the black pepper.

Don’t think of black pepper as an overly aggressive product. It’s a subtle means to improve blood circulation. You can compare it to the mint shampoo cooling effects. Although not identical by impact, they’re a great indicator of how black pepper feels on the scalp.

Pepper Shampoo Efficiently Fights Dandruff

Thanks to its antiseptic properties, black pepper can help you fight dandruff in a natural way. In fact, one of the key healing benefits of the traditional black pepper powder mixes includes improving the condition of seborrheic dermatitis.

Yes, that’s your doctor’s term for the annoying and unpleasant dandruff. We know dandruff can ruin the best hairstyles. That’s why it’s important to have a proper regime to avoid those flakes visible on a night out. The black pepper powder dust off the white powdery dandruff in just a few washes.

Black Pepper Shampoo Prevents Hair Loss

As a natural consequence of improved circulation and enhanced mineralisation, your hair follicles strengthen and prevent hair from shedding.  Once the unhealthy hair is out of the way, nurturing the rest is a breeze.

In a way, black pepper shampoo is like a natural weed remover for your hair – it removes unwanted dull, brittle and dandruff-ridden hair while allowing for new fibres to grow. This process helps your hair retain its vibrancy and shine, and stops hair falling.

A Spicy Scalp Detox

Seeing it from the outside, you may think that the hair is quite simple. We generally see only the hair shaft that’s above the skin. But hair is a remarkably complex phenomenon with natural restorative properties. Hair restoration abilities emerge from the hair follicles hidden under the scalp skin.

Hair follicles are multi-layered and surrounded by blood capillaries that feed the hair papilla, placed at the bottom of the follicle, with nutrients. Therefore, all you really see is essentially dead hair! The live part of the hair is under the skin and its dysfunctions can harm hair health. 


That’s why keeping the scalp clean is so important. Black pepper shampoo works its way deeper by dilating the tiny blood vessels and increasing their absorbent properties, thus keeping the scalp clean and the hair in place.

Strengthens Hair   

It’s not all about the antioxidants. Black pepper comes with an array of other nourishing benefits for hair and skin that strengthen the hair fibres and protect it from harmful outside influences.

Believe it or not, 100 g (3.5 oz) of black pepper has 352 calories, which is fairly above the average range for spices. It’s packed with nutrients, including potassium (37% DV), calcium (44%), iron (53%), vitamin B6 (15%), and magnesium (42%). 

The unique ingredient to pepper in all colours is piperine. Piperine is the alkaloid that gives the black pepper its pungent taste. It also does a tone of other goods when taken as a food or as a supplement, among which are faster metabolism, mental focus, and beautiful hair, skin, and nails!

Moisturiser and Heat Protector

Many pepper shampoo products are enriched with coconut oil, jojoba oil, ginseng, and plant amino acids that hydrate the hair. It is protecting it from becoming too oily or too dry. 

So, when you find the right combination of nutrients in a black pepper shampoo bottle, you can experiment with hairdos more.  

Pepper shampoo is a saviour from the damage done by reaching for the straighteners and the hairdryer a tad too often. Acting as a thermal protector, pepper shampoos, serums and masks, wrap the hair with a thin film that seals the cuticle. It doesn’t allow the heat to protrude the outer layer and excessively damage the hair. 

Can you use too much black pepper shampoo? The answer is – partially, yes. As with all deep cleansing products, don’t overly rely on a shampoo bottle to maintain the long-term protein balance in your body. Eat well and, when a hair problem persists, listen to your doctor! 

Rachael Waine

Rachael works here at AMR as our online digital marketer/content creator. She writes blogs about hair and beauty as well as assist with all social media platforms. In her spare time Rachael writes blogs, enjoys bushwalking and photography.

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