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Everything You Need to Know about Goldwell

September 4, 2021

Rachael Grant

If you want to keep all your clients happy, the search for the best hair colour never ends. Brands invest in science and research increasingly. If you stay with one, you may lag behind the industry. You’ll be glad to know that Goldwell has a strong focus on research and development from the beginning, and now even more so.

What you’ll like even more is that Goldwell embraces hairdressers as partners in creating the best professional colouring products. So, there — if you have something to say about the way we colour hair — this is your chance. With Goldwell, your voice will be heard.  Here we will answer the most important questions you have about Goldwell, the brand’s popular product range, and why you would like to have it in your salon work stations.

Where is Goldwell from?

Today, Goldwell is a global brand, but it was created in Germany, a country with a strong passion for adding new perks to beauty products by constant R&D. The brand was developed back in 1948 by Hans Erich Dotter, when plenty of innovation overwhelmed the beauty industry.

The brand’s first product — Goldwell Ideal, a cold perm solution, instantly helped the company develop quite a name for itself. And we are not surprised — in the 40s, Hollywood style perms were blossoming, and every girl wanted to add a curl or two to her hair.  Then came the first shampoo dispenser, the first Sprühgold hairspray, and a multitude of innovative haircare and skincare products that benefit the sensitive scalp, make hair silky, and gently care for skin. The expansion to a worldwide market followed soon afterwards. As we speak, hairstyles are more about colour, than about perms. But a bouncy curl never goes out of style, even more so when you add a splash of colour with Goldwell Colorance, and Goldwell Topchic.

Fun fact: Goldwell came to Australia in 1983.

Goldwell Hair Colours: Go Bold or Go Gentle 

It is hard to keep every customer happy. Some desire a radical change with up to 7 levels of colour change. Others don’t want to go beyond subtle colour dimensionality and moderate highlights.  What can a brand do? Obviously, what Goldwell did. This multifold approach to colour intensity began with Goldwell Coloration Computer that was able to create 70,000 colour formulas. Finally, hairdressers had something more to offer to the pickiest clients when Goldwell introduced a wide range of permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent colours with mixture variations.

Why You Will Love Goldwell Colorance

Colorance is in the demi/semi-permanent colour range, not only because it enables subtle colour variations but also because it regenerates up to 70% of the lost hair lipids. It is the solution for damaged hair that should not undergo treatment with alkaline permanent hair colour.  If you don’t find Colorance ideally soft, you can create a solution with Goldwell Topchic to increase the smooth and silky outcome of the procedure by up to 30%.  Too much math for you? Not to worry, as Goldwell provides continuous education for its partner hairdressers. You’ll learn neat colouring tips in no time. You may even surprise your clients by sharing some Goldwell color science and pitch their next revamp session with your saloon smarts!

Goldwell Topchic: What Is It and How to Use It?

Besides the lines Elumen and Nectaya, Goldwell’s permanent colour range is most known for Topchic.

What is Topchic?

Topchic is designed for maximum coverage — it makes no mistakes. It is one of the brand’s oldest products; it lasts long on the market and hair.

Because of the capacity for 100% coverage of grey hair from roots to ends, an even result is guaranteed. This colour sync is thanks to the patented Goldwell Equalizer System.  Now you may think that because of the extreme coverage capabilities, this colour may be too harsh for hair, but no; Goldwell’s Coenzyme Technology and creamy-smooth lotion makes things easy on the hair.

How to use Goldwell Topchic 

Topchic has a unique depot can application system. Once tried, this easy-to-apply and difficult-to-spill-and-make-a-mess container will go high on your list of favourite colouring equipment.

The colour bowl is easy to use and clean, which cuts down procedure time significantly. The equipment contains an ergonomic application tool that works perfectly well with first-time colouring and on regrowths.  Here is a video on How to Use the Goldwell Can for professionals.  You know the rest — mixing ratios and processing time. But just to be sure, Goldwell provides plenty of opportunities to learn more via a Salon Virtual education and Salon Academy.

About Goldwell Permanent Colours

Never get enough shine, and colours fade fast? Goldwell Elumen is what you need to try and witness extraordinary intensity and longevity. Elumn includes bright shades you may not be able to find in the rest of the ranges. So, if you want to go wild or add a splash of vibrancy to your highlights, check what Goldwell Elumen permanent bold shades and semi-permanent Elumen Play packs.

Looking for an ammonia-free range with excellent coverage? Go for Goldwell Nectaya, which provides natural shades, cool and warm tones.

More Secrets about Goldwell Hair Care

Goldwell is most invested in hair colours by far and wide, but that doesn’t mean it neglects other areas. Due to Goldwell’s patented technologies striving for results and care, the lines Care, Styling, Smoothing, and Texture are irreplaceable for luxury salon haircare and constantly innovated.

Is Goldwell Hair Colour Safe?

With so many perks — this is a great question to ask.  So is Goldwell safe for consumers, animals, and the environment? The answer is yes and no. Meeting certain consumer safety and quality standards sometimes requires testing on animals and animal-derived ingredients.  Goldwell may not be the choice for vegans, but it will guarantee results for consumers that do not apply to vegan ranges.  Hopefully, the next innovation wave by Goldwell (and other brands, too) will be all about leaving animal testing and ingredients in the past.

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