Glitter Beards

Glitter Beards
December 19, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Glitter Beards – For The Bold

Move on Christmas baubles, move over sparkling tinsel, Christmas is nigh and what other way to be the laugh and life of the party than by getting glitter on your beard? I have given you a blog about beautiful mesmerising glittery eyelids, so why not have something for the men with glittery beards, too? That’s right, glitter beards are an actual thing!

Drag Queen Extraordinaire Philmah Bocks

Glitter beards aren’t technically anything new – they have always been around in the drag world for a long time with drag queens showcasing their big glitzy and glam personalities. To present a little bougie-ness, why not add a sparkling glittery beard to their repertoire? But it wasn’t until the trend train of social media that paved way for the outrageous look of glittery beards to the internet. Drag Queen Superstar Milk and iconic facial haired duo The Gay Beards first introduced a how-to tutorial of doing their own unique versions of the glitter beard trend on Youtube. And from this, other Youtube channels and aficionados have attempted to dabble their take on the glitter beards.

The Gay Beards

So without any further ado, here is how to get you festive and glitter beard ready.


Here are a few pointers for all these looks below before we start…

• You should already have your party outfit on or at least the T-shirt or top part to avoid messing up your look by taking this off/on and over your head.

• For extra precaution, wear a cape so that you have a bit of control when it comes to glitter so it will not completely ruin your clothes.

• You also want to be sitting outside. Hopefully it is not a windy day when you attempt this fantastic look.


For full beards, the fluffier and bigger the beard, the better. In the past year or so we have seen the long full beard come back in style and popular with the hip and young. So for the full and long beards, this will create the theatre and drama as well as the comic relief of your inner bedazzled Papa Smurf.

1. Trim and shape your beard first, this prepares the shape that you want and is going to make your beard appear more groomed and neat.

Wahl Precision Beard Trimmer

2. For the next step, get a Beard Oil or some hair gel. Apply a small amount into the palm of your hands and work that into all the strands of your beard. This will act as an adhesive.

Ned Beard Oil The Outback One


3. Now here comes the fun part, apply the glitter onto your beard.

Rainbow Nail Glitters 12 pk
Rainbow Nail Glitters 12 pk

4.Once you have coated your whole beard with the glitter and you are happy with the shape and overall look, gently shake off any loose excess and generously spray on some hairspray to set your glitter and hair into place.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Lacquer Hairspray


TOP TIP:  For more depth, add another colour of glitter to give it more dimension.



For the well kept and well-maintained, but with more hair than stubble that is still sexy and manly and not too rugged- here we have your close shaven glitter beard.


  1. Your first step for this is to choose your desired eyeshadow colour and with an eyeshadow brush apply this to the beard area. You want to press and push the pigment into the beard as much as possible as this will give you the base colour.
Palladio Blue Moon Crushed Metallic Shadow


2. Once you have the base colour down, use a children’s school glue stick and distribute it evenly, in circular motions. You want to only do this bit by bit in small sections because the glue dries up quickly.

Bostik Blu Stik


3. You must do this step quickly because of the fast-drying glue, press in the glitter like you did with the eyeshadow colour. You can use either a brush or your fingers for this. Press it into the beard as this will allow the glitter to cling to the glue better rather than in wiping or swiping motions.

4. Once you have coated your whole beard with the glitter and you are happy with the shape, gently shake off any loose excess and generously spray on some hairspray.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Lacquer Hairspray


TOP TIP:  Be sure not to get this anywhere else on the skin as we want it to look neat and tidy.


Now simply if your man doesn’t have a beard and cannot for the life of him grow one, or maybe you are such a cool parent you want the kids involved too then this will be a hilarious, fun and chaotic silly mess. It will be enjoyable for kids, but then again maybe not for you as the parent who will be the ones who have to clean up and deal with the rest of the glitter everywhere and anywhere.

1. Apply some primer, priming the said “fake beard” area.


2. Take a lipstick or a cream based eyeshadow pencil and map out your faux beard. Once you have done that. Colour that whole section in.

Palladio Herbal Lipstick Coral Punch


3. Go in with a children’s glue stick and in small sections glue evenly in small circular motions.

Bostik Blu Stik


4. And once again with either an eyeshadow brush or with your fingers go in with the glitter, pushing and pressing it in.


Top Tip: If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and add some Christmas decorations like mini baubles, ribbon, bows, pine cones, candy canes, stars, cutouts of stockings and snowflakes. Furthermore, why limit this to only be done during Christmas time? Go nuts and do it for all holidays of the year – New Years Eve is around the corner so is Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St Patrick’s Day and Easter – the possibilities are endless with this. And there you have it, a crazy and silly way to finish off your Christmas apparel for the glittery season.

Valentine’s Day inspo with The Gay Beards

So guys, if you liked this blog below comment down in the comment sections and tell us what you think. If this blog inspired you to do a glitter beard look, then by all means, please hashtags us at #amrhairbeauty. We gliterally wish you all a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy from all of us here at AMR. Can’t wait to see those glitter beards!

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