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Hair Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

July 17, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

Hair Hacks Every Girl Needs To Try

Achieving that stunning hair every single day may be proven difficult for some of you and this may mean to get up at the crack of dawn to get your hair all perfect and beautiful for that day. But with most ladies, we just want that extra bit of snooze time or for some women out there, there is too much of a busy schedule where there is simply no time. And having fuss-free and impeccable hair is only something that we dream of. So, here at AMR Hair and Beauty, we want to help you with some Hair Hacks to prep your hair and get you ready for the day, event or a tip to prepare your hair for the months to come. Down below are some tips and tricks to get your hair easy to deal with, out of the door quicker and looking snazzier than ever.

Easy Ways To Do Your hair

  • After you have taken all that time and effort on an amazing romantic curled look or classic and chic upstyle you notice that your hair is far from picture perfect with  pesky baby hairs and flyaways. To get rid of these just take an unused toothbrush and spray it with hairspray and glide the toothbrush gently over your flyaways and baby hairs to smooth them out. The tiny bristles on the toothbrush will provide a polished and cleaner finish.
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  • For a professional hairdresser struggling to get a super blunt edge on a solid form haircut, using guardless electric clippers on the hair will give you the desired result faster than using scissors as scissors can be more time-consuming and strenuous to get that perfect line.
  • For that voluminous and effortless blow dry, a hair hack to achieve this look is to blow dry your hair upside down to add that big bounce to your limp hair. Blow drying it upside down will create more oomph when you flick it back up again and gently brushing it out to the set the style in place. TOP TIP: For a volumised side part, whichever ever side you part your hair you want to blow dry your hair the opposite direction that it is sitting on. For example; your part is to the right, you want to blow dry your hair the opposite side, which is to the left so when you flip it to sit on the right, there is an extra body and lift.
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  • Another alternative easy at home hair hack to give you some more volume specifically in the crown area is with semi-wet to blow-dried hair, section apart of the crown in a small top knot/ bun, or a ponytail securing it with a clip and sleep with it overnight. When you wake up the next morning, brush it out gently and this will give yourself some volume the next day.
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  • There is nothing worse than after a big laundry day, you have come across your favourite black hairdressing work shirt or work pants and have discovered that unbeknownst to you there must have been a little splash of bleach on your uniform and you now have an annoying tinge of orange on there. To get rid of this mark, take a black texta and colour in those little-bleached patches and voila your uniform is fixed. TOP TIP: Avoid overdoing the colouring on the bleached areas as if you go outside the bleached perimeter, your secret will not be safe as the texta will show on the overlapped area. Also, put something underneath the stained clothing to protect whatever you have underneath as the ink from the texta may seep through.
  • This may not seem like a hair hack but as more of a technique performed ever since the 1940s but for me personally having long, thick, heavy and virgin hair this “kac/technique” has proven to be a lifesaver when curling my hair and making my curls last till the very next day. For me, I was so sick and tired of my hair dropping after curling my hair using either a straighter, curling tong, conical or rollers; even with applications of the strongest hairspray on the market, my hair would always drop by the end of the night.  What I discovered experimenting one evening for a wedding I was attending that night was that i wanted to give pin curling a whirl. And if this technique didn’t help me then I was going to have to face dealing with boring straight hair for the rest of my life. So, I took my heated conical, curled a section of hair, once the hair was curled I would roll it up and pin it to my scalp and continue with the rest of my hair. After the whole head was pin-curled, I would lightly spray it with hairspray and then take the pin curls out starting from the first one that I had originally set into place. Finally, after taking all the pin curls out I would lightly spray my hair once again and rake out the curls with my fingers and style it with a comb in the fashion that I wanted. I was so surprised at how long my curls lasted and from that day on I have not looked back. I admit, yes it was quite a laborious task but so worth it to have it last to the wee hours of the early morning with my type of hair and I have been using this technique ever since.
  • After a fresh blow dry at a salon, who doesn’t want to keep that sleek shiny style for as long as possible to get their money’s worth? Investing in a silk pillow will work wonders for you to ensure that gorgeous long blow dry will last you for days! TOP TIP: If by any chance you do not have any access in buying a silk pillowcase why not use a silk negligee or a silk pyjama shirt and put that over your pillow to allow your blow-dried hair to last you ages.
  • If you’re an avid user of dry shampoos and unfortunately have run out on your favourite one and do not have the time to duck out to the shops to get one. Using household products like baby powder or cornflour will fix your instant dry shampoo dilemma. For blondies, you can sprinkle this on top of your hair and massage it into your roots. TOP TIP: If you are a brunette just take a small amount within your hands and massage that in slowly to blend the product within the roots to avoid having a mop of grey hair. You will save heaps of time and money with these little hair hacks!
  • A hair hack for a professional hairdresser undertaking the difficulties of trying to trim a blunt fringe as well as having the dilemma in separating the short hairs from the long hairs in the surrounding section is to follow these steps below;
  1.  Use your comb to section out the fringe and the surrounding 1cm of hair
  2.  Hold entire section at the base between the index and middle finger
  3.  Still holding that entire section with medium tension, slowly slide your fingers straight up until just past the fringe section and stop but continue to hold it
  4.  Keeping the same tension as before, wiggle the section until the shorter hairs have fallen down
  5.  Clip back the longer hairs and you are ready to trim the fringe.
  • If you are satisfied and pleased with an up-do or hairstyle that you have done but for some reason around the hairline it seems to lack fullness, a trick some makeup artists do to help out their hairstylists counterparts is to apply a light dusting of eye-shadow or a brow powder matching to the clients hair to fill in the thinning, sparse or bald patches around the hairline. This will give the illusion of a fuller and thick hairline TOP TIP: You can cover grey hairs this way too.
  • If your goal is to grow your hair long and luscious for the rest of the year try to avoid wearing these two hairstyles every single day. The really tight high ponytail and the really tight topknot/bun. Tying your hair up in tight, high ponytails or tight top knots causes tension on the hair and scalp which can lead to hair fall and breakage. Above all do not do this while your hair is wet as once hair is wet and tied up, the hair strands are actually stretched and once the strands are pulled in this fashion and dry this way, they still remain stretched and are prone to more damage due to it being quite fragile and weak.

And that’s all folks if you like this blog comment below what you think and if you have any more hair hacks yourself that you have discovered on your own add them to the comments below too and I shall see you all in the next blog.



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