Most Popular Lob Hairstyles Every Girl Should Know

October 14, 2016

Samantha Bun

Lob Hairstyles

Everybody seems to love the lob hairstyle – every hair dresser tells us it is the most requested cut. The lob is a long bob haircut, hence the name “lob”. With so many people on board this trend, we thought we’d give you some tips on how you can style your lob haircut. There are so many lob hairstyles you can try to make your lob stand out from all the rest!

The Straight Lob

The straight lob is the perfect lob hairstyle if you want to look clean, cut and sleek. You can easily style your lob with a blow dryer or straightener. You can curl the ends inwards by holding your brush on the inside near your neck and the blow dryer outside to curl the ends in. The other alternative is to flick the hair out and give it a flyaway effect. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the straight lob. Something about the straight lob breathes an air of sophistication and elegance.

The Lazy Wave or Messy Lob

The wavy lob is another variation of lob hairstyles. It can be done both nice and neatly for a chic look or in a messy wave for that causal just-got-out-of-bed but am still cute effect. For the messy effect, you can add some dry texturising spray to your waves. This is the sort of hair you can wear for a few days and nobody will even notice you had barely touched it. Either way, both of these looks are great for the upcoming summer with a pair of shades. Rock it girl!

The Curly Lob

The curly lob is a lot bouncier than the wavy lob and adds more volume to your hair. It can make your cut appear a bit shorter as the curls will lift your hair, but it definitely gives you more volume and makes your face appear smaller. The bigger and bolder the curls, the better! Something about this look just oozes of sexiness and confidence.

The Concave lob

A few weeks ago, we shared the concave bob and people were in love with this cut and the many ways it could be styled. Similarly, the concave lob is also a popular look, it is basically the same angled cut but with mid length hair. This lob hairstyle is a crowd favourite and so easy to wear straight, in light waves or cute bangs to frame your face.

The Half Up Party Lob

The half up party lob is an easy addition to team with the lazy wave. It gives additional volume to crown of your head and gives the comfortable girlfriend look or an artsy and creative appeal to your personality. Just simply tie a third or half your hair up into a high bun and you can walk straight out the door. This look would look amazing with a nice boyfriend shirt for casual chill days.

The Braided Lob

The braided lob seems to be a popular look for weddings, but who says you need to get married to wear braids around your hair? Again nice waves with some loose braids around your hair is a pretty look for the spring. Add some floral inspiration to your hair and you will look just like a fairy girl straight out of Snapchat!

Lavender and Lilac Lobs

Just had to add this one as violet hues seem to be the in colour trend at the moment. Nothing quite like a bit of metallic colour to make your lob hairstyle pop with vibrancy. Okay, you don’t have to go and get your hair painted in violet hues, but we’re just obsessed with colours and for some added inspiration.



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