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How To Remove Eyelash Extensions – Fast and Safe Ways To Remove Them

September 1, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Nothing beats a full set of gorgeous looking eyelash extensions, am I right? They look so lush and full and it just feels so glamorous having them on. They make your eyes appear alert, awake and then BOOM – instant eye lift! Regardless of the type of eyelash extensions you pick, others are bound to notice! While lashes may look absolutely stunning, they can also become extremely irritating if you get the wrong lash set or if the lashes start poking in all different directions. However, if eyelash extensions are your ride-or-die beauty product, you don’t want to be caught dead looking like a hot mess with sparse and sad looking lash lines. How to remove eyelash extensions is a must know if this is your regular beauty trend.

Whether you’re just not into them after having them done, or if you’re in-between weeks to infill them but don’t have the dosh to fix them up, we’ve got some tips on how to remove eyelash extensions in a safe way that will not lead to permanent damage of your natural eyelashes.

How to remove eyelash extensions

Step 1: Go back to your eyelash technician

Leave it up to the professionals. Go back to your eyelash technician and see if they can remove the lashes for you professionally as they have the correct products and equipment to remove them safely. But they do come at a cost; the minimum for eyelash removal is about $25 – $30 depending on where you go.

Step 2: Remove them by using a removal solution

If you do not have any time to head to the salon to get these removed, you can do this in the comfort of your own home. You can order and purchase a hoard of all things eyelash extension removing with the tap of your finger.

Buyer Beware: Please be aware the dangers you may face when in desperate need to purchase an eyelash extension remover off the cuff. Some eyelash extension removers can burn and irritate the skin if not properly sourced or tested by European standards. Australia, it is not governed by a Cosmetology Law that protects consumers from harmful chemicals in the lash and brow industry. Please ensure when buying eyelash extension removing solution it is of the highest quality that is effective in removal but also gentle to the delicate skin around the eye area.

Lisa Howson Head Director and Product Developer of her company LashXBrow stresses the utmost importance of receiving the safest and the best quality products. All her products are meticulously thought out and come from a lot of care, hard work and quality control, are specifically hand mixed in small quantities that are safe and not produced by the masses,  cruelty free, come EU approved which are the strictest safety standards in the world, salon safe, carry ISO standards and provide environmentally safe packaging too.

How to remove eyelash extensions – You will need:

  • gel removing gel/liquids
  • under eye pads
  • disposable micro-brush applicators
  • cotton pads
  • gentle eye makeup remover
  • disposable spoolie brushes/ clean mascara wand



  1. Remove your under-eye pads from their packaging, they should be in the shape of a C. Place the sticky side down to your skin, make sure that you stick the adhesive on top of your lower lashes as well. Don’t worry these are safe to stick onto your bottom lashes and will come off without removing your bottom lashes.

2. Take two micropore brush applicators and saturate the micro brush heads with your removing gel/liquid.


3. Now close your eye tightly, take the micro brush and run it down the lashes gently in a downward motion. Start about mid-way running it to the tip of your lash line and then work your way up closer to the root of the lash in a sweeping or brushing motion. Brush the removing solution onto the row of lashes. Do not rub the lash line: please avoid the skin as you do not want this solution going into your eye. If you do get this into your eye, flush it out immediately with cold water.


4. Let the solution sit and seep into your lashes for about three minutes. If you are doing this alone, do one eye at a time or if you are lucky enough to have a friend to help you, you can do both eyes at the same time.


5. After the requested waiting time is up, get your other clean saturated gel micro brush head and gently brush down and through your lashes and as you will see your eyelashes flake away.


6. Now that you have taken all the eyelash extensions off, take your gentle eye makeup remover and douse your cotton pad and wipe away any leftover residue from the gel remover away from your eyelashes and you’re done.

7. For extra measure take a disposable spoolie brush or clean mascara wand and brush your natural eyelashes.


Alternative Solution: Household Products

Not able to afford the high price tag of removing your extensions via a salon, or not keen on putting chemicals or artificial stress on your eyelashes? Look no further than this therapeutic method of removing eyelash extensions by using these all-natural products: olive oil and coconut oil. However, bare in mind as these are natural remedies this will take longer to remove.


How to remove eyelash extensions using Olive Oil

  • A facial cleanser or makeup wipes
  • Big bowl preferably ceramic or glass
  • Towel
  • Olive oil
  • Cotton pad
  • Disposable spoolie brushes/ clean mascara wand


  1. Pour boiling water into a bowl.


2. Be careful when doing this next step: Face the bowl, lean forward and have your face sit about 30cm away from the hot bowl of water and cover your head with the towel by draping the towel over your head and having the towel trap the steam from all sides of the bowl. Your face should be close enough that the steam is purifying your face and loosening the eyelash extension from the adhesive bond. You should not feel like your skin is burning from the steam or that you cannot breathe, if so you’re face is too close. Steam your face for about 10 minutes.


3. After the steaming process is complete, remove the towel and bowl. Take a cotton pad and cotton bud and pour olive oil onto both items. Place the soaked cotton pad onto your eyelid. Try to avoid opening your eye as there may be some slight stinging involved. Leave it on there for about three minutes.

4. After the three minutes is up, take the cotton bud and run it through your lashes in a downward motion. You will see the eyelash extension come right off. Do not pull, just drag gently. Pulling will lead to the ripping off of your natural eyelash.

5. Repeat this step onto the other eye.

6. Once you are satisfied with both eyes, wash away any excess residue.

7. Take a disposable spoolie brush or clean mascara wand and brush your natural eyelashes.


How to remove eyelash extensions using Coconut Oil

You will need:

  • Coconut oil
  • Cotton buds
  • Cotton pads
  • Disposable spoolie brushes/ clean mascara wand


  1. Take the coconut oil and pour it onto the cotton pad. Place the soaked cotton pad onto your closed eye for three minutes.

2. After three minutes have passed, take your cotton bud and rub in some coconut oil onto it and brush down. As you brush down you can see the eyelash extensions detaching from your natural lash.

3. Repeat these steps onto your other eye. Please remember not to rub hard or tug as this will pull away at your natural lashes.

4. Wash away any excess coconut oil residue.

5. Brush your natural eyelashes with a disposable spoolie brush or clean mascara wand.

If you like these steps or have your own experiences please leave a comment below on this HOW TO.

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