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Hi Lift

Hi Lift Peroxide 30Vol 1L

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Benefits & Features

Hi Lift Peroxide 30Vol is perfect for assisting your colouring services. The brand responsible for crafting the product is known for maximum quality and technological advancements. In fact, Hi Lift is a world leader in haircare, and they have earned legions of fans by offering salon-quality products at affordable prices. Find out what the excitement is about by adding Hi Lift Peroxide 30Vol to your arsenal.

Hi Lift Peroxide 30Vol offers plenty of colouring choices. You can use the product with permanent colour, or you can aid the toning process. Whatever option you choose, the results will be long-lasting and eye-catching. Plus, the smooth consistency allows easier mixing and a pleasant application with even results.

Before slamming the `ADD TO CART` button, remember there are differences between peroxide strengths. Peroxide 5Vol is a low-strength option that activates colour and inflicts minimal damage to the hair. Meanwhile, Peroxide 40Vol is an extreme level of peroxide for the most intense results. Each product should cater to the hair of your client, so choose carefully from the Hi Lift range.

Key Features:

  • A high-quality peroxide for assisting colouring services.
  • Developed by a brand known for advanced products.
  • This peroxide is designed for ultimate versatility.
  • Use with permanent colour or aid toning.
  • Achieve long-lasting and visually-pleasing results.
  • A smooth consistency for easier mixing.
  • Enjoy a pleasant application process with even results.
  • Choose a strength level carefully; Low-level peroxide means minimal damage.
  • Professional salon use only.

Is Hi Lift Peroxide 30Vol For You?

  • For quality and affordable assistance during colouring.
  • Made by a popular haircare brand.
  • Easily customise the look of the hair.

You can use the product with permanent colour, or you can aid the toning process.

Safety Directions:

  • Hi Lift Creme Peroxide is designed for professional use.
  • Irritating to skin and eyes.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and eye/face protection.
  • Contact with combustible material may cause a fire.
  • Keep in a cool place.

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