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Concave bob hairstyles

February 3, 2019

Samantha Bun

Concave bob hairstyles are making a comeback. The look popularised by Victoria Beckham in the early 2000s is now trending again in many fashionable ways you can style. General bob haircuts are short haircut typically with hair cut straight around the head at about jaw-level and with a fringe at the front. A concave haircut, on the other hand, is designed to be longer in the front and shorter in the back. There are many variations of the style! The inverted or graduated bob, the A-line bob, the wedge bob or the asymmetrical bob. Styled to perfection, a bob cut can really alter your entire appearance and are a very chic look!

The concave bob in an A-line cut

The A-line is cut shorter to the back and angles longer to the front. The A-line means there is no layers or stacking at the back and just comes down to frame the face. This can be styled straight or curled under the chin.

concave bob
Source: Pinterest

The concave bob in an inverted or graduated cut

The inverted or graduated cut is similar to an A-line, only that there are stacked layers at the back. The cut at the back is also more curved in order to create a higher angle. This particular style is usually a shorter cut than an A-line and the amount of stacking can vary for a different volume effect. Some customers prefer their layers shorter at the back so that they can spike or style it to their liking.

concave bob

The bob hairstyle in a wedge cut

The wedge haircut is reminiscent of the 60s, similar to a bowl cut at the back but with inversions and layers to give the appearance of a voluminous crown. This look is more daring as the back will be a lot more compact and short.

concave bob

The concave bob in an asymmetrical cut

The asymmetrical bob can be both layered or not layered. What sets it apart is that the front of the hair is longer on one side than the other to give it a quirkier feel to suit your eccentric personality, or if you just want to be different and less symmetrical.

concave bob
Source: Pinterest

The bob haircut with or without a fringe

Some concave cuts do not have a front fringe, the hair length at the front is just long evenly. Other styles have a parted side fringe or bangs to match. It all depends on the kind of look you are going for or the shape of your face and how the fringe complements your features.

concave bob haircut



The concave bob with an undercut

If you are looking for a hair style that is a bit more edgy, the concave cut with an undercut on the side or the back under your hair is a trend that we are seeing more of. You can have the undercut shaped or designed by your stylist on the side to be visible at the front, or a really cool and funky design to be shown at the back. If you have a wedge cut, this will be more obvious, but you can also have it more discreet if you have a longer layer covering your design and only shown when your hair is lifted.

concave bob haircut

The concave bob styled straight, loosely curled or messy

Having concave bob hairstyles requires less styling time – that is the beauty of having a short haircut. You might want to stick with one look or get creative in the way you style it. You can wear a concave hairstyle nice and straight for a sleek look to elongate your face, or with a slight curl in at the ends to frame your face. If you want to look less clean, loose curls are great for a beachy or messy effect. Slight curls also add more volume to your crown.

concave bob haircut

The concave bob and hair colours

Depending on your concave cut and the way you wish to style your hair, the way you colour it also makes a huge impact on the appearance. For instance, highlighted hair would look exquisite with the wedge cut styled in waves so that your colours can pop from underneath. Metallic and vivid colours would look amazing with undercut hair to give you that extra edge. It all comes down to what you want to achieve with your hair.
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Source: Pinterest


2019 Concave Bob Trends 

Not only does a concave bob help you beat the heat, they are such a versatile look. Give your concave bob an even bigger edge with the hottest colour trends of 2019. These cool silver tones may be a bit trickier to attain depending on your natural hair colour and require a bit of maintenance, but they are so stunning that it’s worth it!

This concave bob in a light silver tone has a bright shine to it. The silver parts of the blonde really make this look pop when textured. If this is your style, you may also love a pixie cut too!

Source: Instagram @elevationhair


Another edgy and futuristic look is this ice white blonde concave bob hairstyle that will surely stand out.

Source: Instagram @hairbygeorgiecarlile


And in favour of the cool tones, you can opt for this brilliant silver-blue tone that looks simply divine.


Source: Instagram @loveisinthehair_byjanet

We hope these concave bob looks will help inspire your next do!

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