Full Head Of Foils: How Long Should It Take

Full Head Of Foils: How Long Should It Take
April 6, 2020

Rachael Grant

Fabulous hairstyles are achieved when a nifty hairdresser applies a full head of foils. Getting the best out of colour dimensionality, the natural look, and colour transitions is a must. Using foils is among the most desired and most sought colouring techniques ever. Let’s find out how the process looks like and how long it should take.

How Can You Tell if You Need a Full Head of Foils?

Clients are rightfully concerned to know the difference between a full head of foils and other colouring techniques. For example, many ask about the difference between using a highlighting cap or partially distributing foils across the head. Also, there’s having the whole scalp covered in foils. 

Apart from the outcome, one of the major reasons for this concern is the cost. Having your full head in foils doesn’t exactly come at the lower end of the spectrum for hairdressing services. However, the results are worth it because you can achieve almost any colour variety with it, excluding all-over uniform hair colour.  Arm with patience because you need to dedicate two hours of your time to get a full head of foils.

Hair Highlighting Techniques

Although each colouring technique serves its benefit, certain hairstyles require covering the full head in foils. Others are more restrictive. A highlighting cap, for instance, doesn’t offer to play with colour depth,  do precise highlights, or balayage, even when done at home. 

Head Foils and Cap Highlights

If you want to go platinum blonde from dark hair, your hairdresser will probably suggest using foils instead of covering your scalp in bleach all over. In this case, foils are a healthier alternative to complete colour coverage. They leave sections of hair either completely chemically unchanged. They’re coloured with less aggressive colouring techniques which exclude bleach application. Cap highlights also require a couple of hours.

How to Choose What Works for You

There are usually several ways to get you the style that you want. The hairstylist will conclude about what suits you best during the consultation process, chatting to you about what you want and discussing the costs for each service. It is useful to have inspirational pictures with you. 

But even if you don’t, don’t fret! A simple scroll down the Instagram feed will probably be enough to explain what you want.

Full Head of Foils vs. Partial Highlights: What’s The Difference?

When you want to make a radical change and you come at your hairdresser’s for the first time to get foils, it is most likely that you will do a full head. In contrast, if you are scheduled to take care of a regrowth, your stylist will go for covering your head in foils partially. 

This process usually encompasses:

  • Placing foils on the front part of your scalp to accentuate the most visible of your head with highlights. (You can save up to half-an-hour.) 
  • Doing up to 12 foils to rework the same highlights you got the first time but without causing unnecessary damage to your hair. (Deduct 30 to 40 minutes from the 2-hour session.) 
  • Sectioning the hair to do a 1/4 head of foils or even 3/4 head of foils if that fits the outcome you want to achieve. (Length varies depending on length and hair quality.)

As you can see, your hairstylist will balance effect, cost, and hair health to get the desired outcome. It’s best to ask your salon whether the cost for a full head of foils is always the same or whether they can do it partially. To calculate the total cost, multiply the number of foils by the individual cost per foil. Hence,  if your salon provides some leeway, and most do, there is greater freedom in how you manage your budget and still get beautiful hair. 

Blonde Highlights? Here is Why Foils Can Do the Job Perfectly

Blondes would benefit from foil highlights the most, particularly if they don’t want to achieve even colour distribution. It’s great if they’re looking for something with more depth and dimensionality.  

Textured Bob Accents

A textured bob looks completely different when enhanced by blonde highlights. The subtlety for adding volume and light play accomplished with a textured bob is among the most liked hairdos in the last few years, still going strong. 

The bob cut and the colour combined, give that special oomph and style that promises a lasting trend with a modern twist. Colour texture can emphasise your best facial features when done professionally. 

Approximate length: Add one more hour for the cut and the blowdry.

Caramels, Honey-blondes, and the Rest of the Edible Hairstyles

Hairdressers use foils to section the hair and colour it in warm and cool pastel shades, in 3 or 4, even up to 5 shades. Skillfully distributed, a full head of foils in caramel, creamy, beige, platinum, and chocolate shades will create the illusion of a naturally coloured hair. 

In contrast, you can use foil highlights to achieve more drastic differences between highlighted sections. In a nutshell, the choices are many.

Approximate length: Around 3 hours.

A Full Head of Highlights for a Silver Ombre

One example of using foils to accentuate the dark and light colour difference is the silver ombre. A technique where the roots are dark and the ends gradually transform into a very light silver blonde. 

You could also ask for foils for reverse ombre and balayage. Although some stylists don’t cover the full head in foils to get the balayage effect, but rather colour the hair foil-free, it’s a measured way that guarantees success. 

Approximate length: Two to three hours.

Brightly-Coloured Foils  

When you do radical hair colours, such as mint or indigo blue, you may want to consider getting foil highlights. Similarly to the silver ombre, there is no better way to use bright colours in all their boldness than requesting a full head of foils and waiting for the contrast to create a miracle.

Approximate time length: At least two hours.

Subtle Babylights

Since no virgin hair is flat-coloured, you will need foils to replicate the most natural looks. Ask for a full head of rose babylights to spice up an otherwise bland look or to boost your hair volume without excessively damaging it. 

Most babylights don’t require using bleach. Therefore, you will keep the shine, strength, and health and still make a low-key change that will benefit your looks.

Regardless of whether you decide to go for a full head of foils or just partial sections, make sure you ask your hairdresser all questions that come to mind before entrusting them with the transformation. 

It is useful to know how will they section the hair for foil placement. For example, if you frequently wear your hair up, in particular for partial highlights. It is more difficult to get the same results for half-head or 3/4 head of foils. Do the math before and you will get the optimal result with the budget you have at your disposal: it is less risky than undertaking a DIY endeavour.

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