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Layered Haircuts For Long Hair

December 19, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair – How To Add Style To Your Hair Without The Commitment Of Cutting The Lot

Summer is here and it’s going to be a scorcher. So what a perfect season to get the chop, right? Cutting your long luscious locks, however, sometimes jumping the gun by chopping a whole chunk of your hair may ruin your day or your life… depending on how melancholy you are. First world problems, right? So a lot of research must be done in order for you to wade into the short haircut zone if you have always worn long hair for most of your life, instead of jumping into the deep end for a bob haircut for that matter. So why not consider getting yourself layers for your long hair? This kind of hairstyle is more like a test drive for you – Layered haircuts for long hair.


Amy Adams layered Source 1 Source 2

Why this haircut is so great is because it suits most hair types and most face shapes. Cutting layers into the hair, in general, will breathe life back into your hair creating volume, texture, body and movement. This is great for women who have thick hair as once it is chopped it takes out the bulk and weight of the hair and makes the hair feel so much lighter. With this look, you can go as long as you want and still maintain the feel of a long-haired haircut but without the burden of the bulk. This hairstyle is fitting for ladies who have fine or thin hair too as the long layers give your hair some shape keeping it from looking limp, flat and lifeless. The long layers of both thick and thin hair give you that extra boost of volume so that your hair has movement, especially after a voluminous and bouncy blow dry. With the use of long layers, it creates texture in the hair and improves the volume immensely without having to compromise the length.

Kelly Rowland Source 1 Source 2

Layers are always flattering as they frame the face. They can slim, lengthen. or shorten the face and that all depends on where they begin and end in addition to their texture, because of this they can bring attention to your best facial features or distract from your facial flaws. With face shapes, the heart-shaped ladies should add layers around the jaw and chin area at add width to that narrowest area of the face and balance out the width at the temple. If you have a long face, chin length long layers will add volume to that area to give you the illusion of having an oval face. Ladies that have round or square faces should cut up to about above the breast area and below the collarbone, as cutting any higher than that will make their face appear rounder and shorter. Cutting long layers below the earlobe frame the face. Long layers in long hair do not elongate the face as the long layers balance out your face shape.

Fergie Source 1 

Although a blunt bob, pixie cut or concave will be remarkably great for summer as it takes the nuisance of long hair sticking to the back of the neck so that you can feel the cool breeze on the nape from time to time in the Australian summer. This haircut is a great change for those who cannot commit but still want a transition cut before taking the plunge into getting a short crop for their overall hair look. And with the silly season underway we still want to look fabulous, summery and breezy for all the shindigs and get-togethers celebrating the festive season with the end of year parties, like your after work drinks, work Christmas parties, family Christmas dinners, New Years Eve parties, and still be able to dress up your hair. This is the solution to layered haircuts for long hair.

Olivia Munn Source 1 Source 2

With long layers for long hair you are not limited to styling as there is flexibility in whichever styling of hair you choose. You can have it up in a loose bun with romantic small tendrils on either side of the face, curled loosely for bohemian beachy waves, or a flirty high ponytail to spruce up your night and day events. When curling your layered long hair, the curl will last longer due to the fact that the weight has been taken away so that the curl will last longer and bounce up more. This look suits any hair colour as goes with any fringe too. Blunt, wispy, side, bangs, you name it. And with the ends you can have it as a V shape, tapered, concave or even straight across too. This look is classic and timeless and will always stick around. The look is a mixture of sexy, flirty, fun and a little dash of the hippy. The sky is the limit with this.

Olivia Wilde Source 1

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair – Styling Tools

18 in 1 Styling Thermal Spray

Protect your hair from getting split ends and from becoming weak and brittle from the constant use of heating products on your hair. You will need a thermal spray in the form of 18 in 1’s Thermal Spray. Enriched with Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol and other essential vitamins, 18 in 1 boasts 18 benefits that will help maintain your hair’s health and keep it strong through all that hot styling.

For the lazy girl in all of us, a Hot Curl Styling Brush is ideal for the gal on the go to get party ready. This nifty little hairbrush can dry, shape and curl your hair in minutes. It offers three variable settings and has a 38mm barrel to style and smooth your luscious layers while adding the body and volume that it needs too.


Fanola Nutricare Restructuring Cream For Split Ends

To give your hair that extra bit of tender loving care, use the Fanola Nutricare Restructuring Cream for Split Ends, this can be added to damp or dry hair on the mid-lengths to the ends to help seal the cuticle with filming for anti-frizz, repair and the prevention of split ends. The formula is fortified with milk proteins as the richest nutrient due to its amino acid content. This added hydration and elasticity to the hair carries restructuring and healing properties to stimulate the hair follicle growth cycle. Only a small pea-sized amount is needed, massaged onto the palm of your hands and then smoothed out through the hair as a pre-styling or finishing product, whatever your preference is.

So there you have it hair lovers, an option for you to try before you lop off your hair in one hit. Let me know what you think about this article by commenting below and I’d love to know more about your favourite layered haircuts for long hair.



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