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The Complete Guide to Purple Shampoo

Complete Guide to Purple Shampoo
January 21, 2021

Samantha Bun

Have you recently bleached, streaked or coloured your hair? Your golden locks must be a show stopper the moment you walk out of the salon, gleaming and bouncing with shine. You receive appraisal from all corners: “We love your hair!”, “Your hair looks amazing!” and you feel like a real superstar with your shiny grey or radiant platinum. Then suddenly, your hair stops getting the attention it truly deserves. Notice that the colour has become a little dull, brassy and lifeless since you have walked out of the salon and into the elements?


You are not alone! All blondes alike can unite on this front as your hair is subject to fading and discolouration due to a variety of factors. Your hair can appear flat, a bit yellow or even a bit orange depending on your hair pigmentation. This discolouration occurs due to exposure to heat from your hot styling tools, product build-up, chlorine from the swimming pool, environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays, and just general hair washing creates fading.


This is where Purple Shampoo comes into play. it is designed to upkeep and maintain your perfect blonde in between salon visits or before your next hair appointment. We all know how busy life can get and how expensive each trip to the salon is, so why not find a way to manage this on your own for the time being?

What is Purple Shampoo?

It is a blonde toning shampoo that is made out of a violet dye pigment that counteracts unwanted yellow tones in blonde hair. You may have seen the craze behind Fanola No Yellow all over Instagram and Facebook, with everyone raving on about the amazing results it produces. If you want to know more about what blonde Shampoo does and how it works, then read on to discover the world of colour depositing and toning, and what works best for you!

How Does Blonde Shampoo Work?

The process by which this shampoo works is by colour correcting the yellow tones in the hair.

Yellow and Violet: Complementary Colours?

By basic knowledge of the colour wheel, you can see that purple and yellow are complementary colours as they appear on opposite sides of the colour wheel, meaning that they cancel each other out or mute one another. This is the same method by which makeup is corrected using different pigments for different undertones of the skin, i.e. green to cover red spots. As such, violet is used to tone yellow hair and we’ll also note here, that blue shampoo is used to tone orange hair.


What purple shampoo achieves is that it cools down the warm tone of the yellow shade in your hair and makes it more platinum-like or greyish. If you want to really understand how this works, you can try mixing some yellow and purple paint together and you will see that it creates an off-white, light beige or light grey colour. The violet dye is the active ingredient, so the richer and darker the pigment in the shampoo, the stronger its toning ability. This is what Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo is best known for; its strong pigmentation that makes it highly effective in colour correcting.

Who Needs Purple Shampoo?

This shampoo is most effective on lightened hair, whether bleached, highlighted, or natural blondes. It will help make your blonde hair brighter and shinier. The term “lightened” is quite vague, so let us break down for you what lightened hair consists of:

  • Blonde
  • Platinum blonde
  • Ashy blonde
  • Silver or grey
  • White

The shampoo will only work on your hair if it has been lightened, this means it does not apply to brunette hair. It will do nothing to brunette hair as it is too dark to achieve an effect.

Brown Hair With Highlights

This will, however, only work on brunette hair with highlights as it will keep your highlighted sections fresh. You won’t have to worry about your hair looking different from the regrowth as it will not affect the colour of your brunette or dark hair. Also, bear in mind that if your hair is leaning more towards the orange tinge, then your best bet is to get a blue shampoo instead of a purple shampoo as the latter will do absolutely nothing to orange hair.

Black Hair

Another lesser known fact about purple toning shampoo is that it is great for black hair. It won’t affect the colour, but the violet pigment will make black hair shinier. This also greatly helps with grey hair on older clients. It will keep their natural grey looking pearly, glossy and shiny instead of flat and lifeless.

So next step: finding the right toning shampoo for your hair care regimen.

Which is the right shampoo for you?

Are you ready for some life-changing information to kiss that yellow hair goodbye and make room for good hair days only? We are ready to deliver to you some of our favourite No Yellow Shampoo formulas to make your hair lustrous and desirable to all. We’ll tell you what’s good for you budget wise, the pros and the cons of each formula. There is bound to be a great fit for you!

Highly Pigmented Shampoo


Vegan No Yellow Pack
                                Vegan No Yellow Pack


If you are after a shampoo that is highly pigmented and most effective at toning yellow hair, then Fanola No Yellow is most renowned and a sure winner. The raving reviews of the product and its social media success is all a testimonial to the quality of the product. The reason why the results show is that it is one of the most highly pigmented and rich purple shampoos on the market giving a fleeting silver effect on the hair.

The truth be told about no yellow shampoo is that you may find it is not as conditioning as a regular shampoo as it focuses more on depositing the violet pigment into the hair. This is why Fanola developed its No Yellow Mask to pair with the shampoo. It is enriched with extracts of Pressed Grape and Silk Proteins, making it extremely nourishing and hydrating, whilst also toning the hair. The pigment of the mask is not as strong, but the pH level of the mask seals the cuticle and creates a protective film on the hair that rejects yellow reflections.

Fanola No Yellow Spice Collection Kit

Why not make washing your hair a heavenly experience, and add a fabulous scent to your depigmentation routine? Some people do find specific brands of purple shampoos to sting on the nose and want something more pleasant fresh to the sense smell, Well, Fanolla has heard your wishes and made an aromatic no-yellow shampoo and mask for blonde hair spiced up with cinnamon and clove essential oils. The kit solves the annoying fading of silver shine with the extra bonus of making your hair and your bathroom smell like cookies and mulled wine – good enough to eat!

fanola spice collection kitFanola No Yellow Spice Collection Kit

Inebrya No Yellow Shampoo


                                                                                       Inebrya No Yellow Shampoo


Inebrya is a lesser known product as it is only available to trade, but it also performs just as well as Fanola’s No Yellow. This anti-yellow formulation however, is enriched with silk proteins and pressed grape extracts so it does provide a bit of nourishment in comparison to Fanola. 

Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair

18 in 1 Violet Shampoo + Mask/ 18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo + Mask


The reason why I would recommend 18 in 1 shampoo for dry and damaged hair is for the nourishing properties that the brand is best known for. It is enriched with Australian Kakadu Plum, Argan Oil and Amino Acids. The formulation is also sulphate free, paraben free and salt-free, making it more hydrating and less drying.

The 18 benefits include:
1. Eliminates yellow
2. Moisturises dry hair
3. Smooths rough hair
4. Moisturises instantly
5. Hydrates hair
6. Prevents split ends
7. Restores shine
8. Repairs damaged hair
9. Helps keep colour vibrant
10. Rebuilds tensile strength
11. Returns elasticity
12. Adds protective layer
13. Reduces hair breakage
14. Acts as a shield from harmful UV rays
15. Protects from environmental pollution
16. Prevents dryness in colour treated hair
17. Revitalises hairs natural protective layer
18. Reduces damage from chemical treatments

As you may have noticed, the range has both a standard violet range and an intense range. The standard shampoo in this range is effective on hair that is light blonde to platinum coloured with a pale-yellow undertone. The intense range formulation of 18 in 1 has stronger pigmentation, making it suitable for hair that is very light blonde with a yellow undertone. On top of this, the brand is Australian made and animal cruelty free!

 No Yellow and No Orange Shampoo

Can you really find both benefits for removing unwanted yellow and orange tones from blonde hair in one shampoo? Maybe not perfectly combined, but if you have brown hair with highlights or a warm and cool blonde tone in your hair, you won’t have anything against using a colour neutraliser that works in both directions. The important thing, in this Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo, is not to overdo it: that is why you need a gentle cleansing shampoo you can use on a regular basis, but not daily. Frequently washed hair is in a dire need of hydration, and thanks to the added hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower extract you keep your tone, shine, and moisture.    


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Detangling Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner 

Tigi always takes care to make your hair care routine as less complicated as possible so that you have more time to have fun and enjoy your vibrant blonde. If your hair is a bit on the dry side, you will appreciate applying these Tigi BedHead Serial Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to detangle those dyed on natural blonde locks before grabbing the curling iron and creating wave envy.

Nourishing Purple Shampoo & Conditioner


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You probably don’t need 12 reasons to maintain your bleached, naturally blonde, or blonde hair with highlights in the perfect condition. But just in case you wonder what is so special about 12 Reasons yellow-tone removal shampoo and conditioner, here are the eight essential reasons: cleanse, detangle, colour-protect, nourish, anti-frizz, eliminate product build-up, deeply moisturise ↣— and the list goes on and on. There is a 12 Reasons hair mask, too, if your focus goal is scalp nourishment.

Vegan Blonde Shampoo

Hi-Lift True Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

shampoo for blonde hair
                                                                         Hi Lift True Blonde Zero Yellow Shampoo and Conditioner

Vegans rejoice! There is a shampoo and conditioner out there for you animal loving people. Hi Lift is mostly known for its bleaches, so it is to no surprise they launched this Zero Yellow  shampoo to combat those unwanted yellow tones. It is enriched with Kakadu and Native Plum extracts and helps to extend, protect and enhance the life of your hair colour. The ingredients also work to cleanse, hydrate and strengthen the hair. The conditioner enriched with Macadamia Nut and Coconut oils will help detangle hair and give it that added shine. This formula is also free of nasties like sulfate and paraben.




                                                                                          SO Cool Blonde Pack


The SO pack is an all-in-one care pack for blondes, inclusive of blonde shampoo and conditioner, a blonde toning mask and a thermal protectant styler. the shampoo and conditioner both brightens and tones blonde, grey and highlighted hair. The formulation contains Kera-Cysteine which is keratin that penetrates the hair’s cuticle and the hair’s cortex to treat and restructure stressed and damaged hair. This is great in particular for bleached or lightened hair as your hair can be damaged in the process. It is also enriched with Australian native extract of wattleseed that cleanses, clarifies, has an anti-inflammatory property, high level of amino acids and anti-aging properties. The repairing mask is a great treatment for dry, damaged and coloured hair, while the thermal spray protects the hair from thermal damage from hot styling tools or other environmental factors such as UV rays.


Purple/Silver Shampoo for Silver/Grey Hair

Silver shampoos are basically purple shampoos as well, just marketed differently to cater for a different audience. They perform the same task of neutralising the unwanted yellow tones in the hair.

Loreal Silver Shampoo

                                                                                                 L’Oreal Silver shampoo


Loreal Silver Shampoo is recommended for grey and white hair as it is full of amino acids to retain the natural sheen of your hair.


Natural Look Silver



                                                                                                  Natural Look Silver Screen


Natural Look Silver Screen is also used to counteract unwanted yellow gold and brassy tones on blonde, bleached or grey hair. It is gently cleansing as it contains wheat amino acids and organic plant extracts. Free from paraben and petroleum-based products and ingredients that may harm or deplete the planet’s natural environment.


De Lorenzo

                                                                                                 De Lorenzo Silver Novafusion Shampoo


Everybody loves De Lorenzo, so if you want to stick to a brand you know, then De Lorenzo will be sure to help you reduce those unwanted brassy tones in the hair and nourish it with native plant extracts including Kakadu Plum, Rooibos, Birch and Willowbark extracts. De Lorenzo has specialised in colour neutralisers to help you maintain colour in the best condition between salon appointments, and that doesn’t work only for blonde/silver hair. You can now shop for a wild range of rose gold, cherry red, plum, and silver toning shampoos to brighten pastel highlights at home

Toning Shampoo for hair with some orange undertones


Dumb Blonde is a combination of violet and blue toning shampoo that will be perfect for if you have some orange bands in your hair. This is common especially if you have black Asian hair like me and your hair is not easy to bleach blonde, then this is great for eliminating those orange bands. Otherwise, go straight for the blue shampoo!




Yes, you can also DIY your own shampoo, but this will probably more time consuming and may take a while for you to get it right – it is a process of trial and error. In the end, it may just work out cheaper for you to just buy an already made formula. But if you have the experience and the skills to go at it, then be my guest! This would be best if you can’t find a formula that suits your hair best.

Step 1: Select your shampoo of your choice and a violet dye. You can use gentian violet dye, which is a topical antiseptic, but will work for the counteracting effect. You want the formula of any other dye to be a peroxide and ammonia-free formula that is semi-permanent. Otherwise, you can try instead violet food colouring and add a bit of blue to the formula if you feel like your hair is more on the brassy side of the blonde scale.

Step 2: Mix! You can do this in a bottle as otherwise it will get a bit messy with purple all over your basin. Try to control the amount of violet you pour in, so you can get the right formula. Make sure your violet is a deep and highly pigmented formula, so it is effective at combating that yellow hair.


How to Modify Blonde Shampoo to Suit You?

If your purple shampoo is too strong for you, you can always dilute the colour by mixing it with a normal shampoo or conditioner, just like Tiffany Tong has mixed in the video below with Fanola Nurtricare Shampoo and Conditioner. This is if your hair is already nice and bright and you don’t want to overtone it. Adjust accordingly!



How to Use Purple Shampoo?

It may seem like a simple task; just apply the shampoo and ta-da! Perfectly toned hair. Unfortunately, it can be a bit more of a time-consuming task, but your reap the rewards of salon perfect blonde. The good news is that you don’t have to do this every day. It is recommended you wash it once a week with the pigmented shampoo, or if you wash your hair more frequently in a week, then commence this procedure every third day. It depends on your habits and hair type; what type of blonde you have, how dry or oily your hair is. Here are some step by step procedures you can take to take care of that beautiful blonde and ensure it looks tip-top.

Step 1: Shampoo with your regular shampoo

The first shampoo of every wash performs the role of lifting the dirt from your hair. This will remove all the build up of dirt, oils and sebum from your hair, opening up the hair cuticle so the next wash will allow the purple shampoo to deposit onto the hair.

Step 2: Apply The Shampoo

Your hair cuticle is now open and able to catch those colour deposits. Be sure to have a look at your hair and see which parts of your hair need the most toning. Make sure you lather these parts in the shampoo for greater effectiveness. Results will work show most if you apply a generous amount on the hair. You may have seen the videos of Fanola No Yellow Shampoo being doused on blonde hair, the reason is to cover more of the hair for higher toning capability. You can leave on as instructed on the packaging, like the Fanola tells you to leave it on 1-5 minutes. However, if you leave it longer for up to 20 minutes, you can tone it further and achieve an over toning effect. The more porous your hair, the more product will catch.

Step 3: Conditioner / Treatment Mask

This step is an essential as you want to provide your hair with as much nourishment and hydration as possible while the cuticle is still open. It is highly recommended you use a matching purple conditioner or mask if you want extra toning on your hair. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine to use normal conditioner as the toning shampoo should have done all the work. The conditioner or mask will perform the task of sealing the cuticle, so you can lock in all that gloss and shine. Leave the product in according to the label instructions.

Usually a purple conditioner should be left in for a few minutes while the mask might need extra time to soak in, for instance, the 18 in 1 violet mask can be left in for 10-20 minutes. This might sound tedious, but you can always leave it in while you go about doing some chores and come back to wash it off later!

Step 4: Leave-in Toning Treatment

Blonde Leave In Toning Treatment
 Blonde Leave-In Toning Treatment

Once you have rinsed your hair and towel dried it, lock it in again with a leave-in toning treatment. My absolute favourite is 18 in 1 Leave-In toning treatment that has a high moisturising quality that is effective on dry and frizzy hair, enriched with Argan Oil and Kakadu plum to make your hair super soft and shiny. The consistency is quite light, so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Also, it smells delectable and adds that additional silvery shine on your hair! It’s a must have!

Step 5: Heat Protectant

                                      18 in 1 Thermal Spray

One lesser known fact about blonde hair maintenance is that heat plays a massive role in the health and quality of your blonde tresses. Heat can often dull or fade the colour of your blonde. This includes the usage of hot styling tools such as hair straighteners, blow dryers and curlers, exposure to sunlight, LED or UV rays and hot water. The heat can actually burn your hair and change its colour. The best way to minimise this damage is by using an effective heat protectant on your hair before using heating appliances and going out into the elements. My personal favourite is the 18 in 1 Thermal Protectant Spray that is enriched with Argan Oil, Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E to keep your hair strong and create a protective layer over the hair that shields harm harmful UV rays and heat.

Step 6: Argan Oil

Fanola Oro Sapphire

The bleaching, colouring and styling of hair can have quite a damaging effect on the hair, so it is really important to treat the hair with special care to bring it back to health. Argan Oil is known as the “liquid gold” for hair because of its contents of Vitamin E that promotes hair growth. This can help undo the damage caused by chemical treatments and dye and makes it effective at treating split ends. Fanola’s Oro therapy Sapphire is perfect for blonde hair as it also has violet pigments to counteract yellow tones while also performing the regenerating action of restoring body and vitality to bleached hair. It is enriched with Argan, Sweet Cyperus Oil, 24K gold extracts and sun filter. These elements help counter oxidise and protect hair from damage caused by free radicals. This final step will help seal in all the other products you had applied and form a protective barrier around the cuticle for a healthier looking finish.

These are a lot of steps to maintaining blonde hair, we know, but essential if you want your blonde hair to look fabulous. Bear in mind that with each wash that you use the shampoo, it continues to build up on top with colour. Assess the tone of your hair and see if it is the colour you desire; if it is over-toned, you can always wash it with normal shampoo and it will wash away some of the purple. You don’t have to worry as this is only temporary colour that can be washed away. Also remember to consistently use thermal protection if you plan on styling your hair daily. We hope at least some of thing routine will help bring your blonde back to the colour you desire.

Will also add a note here that the pigmentation of the toning shampoo can stain your fingers, so if you would like to avoid this, we would recommend you wear disposable gloves.


 How to Make Your Shampoo More Effective On Your Hair

You can try chelating your hair, which is basically the process of removing all the metals and minerals in hard water and chlorine. These minerals, metals, dirts and oils sit on your head and prevent moisture from getting into the hair, which can make your hair look more dry and dull. Removing these impurities can help eliminate brassiness from your hair.  There are a few ways you can chelate your hair, and one way is to use a lemon to restore the pH balance of your hair. Simply squeeze the lemon all over your scalp and roots and leave it in for a minute. Then rinse and apply the shampoo afterwards.

How to Use Purple Shampoo to Suit Your Hair Type

Platinum blondes

If your hair is platinum blonde, evenly distribute the shampoo, especially at the tips, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and condition as per usual or let the purple conditioner/mask sit for extra toning time. If your hair is a bit gold, this should produce a cool toned effect for a platinum blonde look.

Porous Hair

For hair with high porosity that easily absorbs colour, you will notice that the shampoo will catch and stain on the hair. If this is the case, then try to dilute it with water or combine it with regular shampoo to dull the pigment. If you have patches of violet in your hair, then you can wash this off with normal shampoo.

Natural Blonde Shades

For more natural blonde shades, you can use the the shampoo for a shorter amount of time up to 2-3 minutes as you don’t want to overtone it, you just want to brighten your blonde and make it less dull. You can also target problem areas by colour correcting and applying more on certain areas that are more yellow.

Silver Hair with Yellow Undertones

If you want your hair more on the silver side, you will want to overtone it by applying the shampoo for longer. Apply it generously and evenly. Leave it on for up to 30 minutes. This can result in some violet staining, so it is bet for silver or grey hair.




Q1. Will it dye my hair?

While purple shampoo does have strong violet pigments, it is not a hair dye and will not dye your hair. It is possible to overtone your hair the longer you leave it on, but it will leave more of a light violet tint. Also, it is not a permanent colour, so any staining can be adjusted by washing off with regular shampoo.

Q2. Do I apply the shampoo to wet or dry hair?

Try applying on wet hair first and see how well your hair takes to the toning. If you are regularly toning, then best to apply to wet hair. However, if your hair is lighter and you want more of an intense toning treatment, you can apply it to dry hair for up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of absorption, simply rinse off.

Q3. How often do I use the shampoo?

Usage comes down to the condition of your hair and your normal hair routine. Your hairdresser will normally recommend washing hair once or twice a week as washing hair everyday strips your hair from its natural oils and also fade the colour more quickly. If this is your normal hair routine, then use purple toning shampoo once a week. If you find however that your hair is easily discoloured, then try this treatment twice a week. It all depends on your hair and your routine.

Q4. How quickly will I see results?

Results will show instantly if you have used it correctly. If there is no difference, you have either not left it on for long enough or your hair might not be suited to pigmented shampoo.

Q5. Can I use it on hair extensions?

Hair extensions are extremely porous so it will grab on to purple pigment will stain the extensions. If necessary, however, you can dilute it into some warm water and dip the extensions in.

Q6. Can I use it on curly hair?

Yes! You can use it on curly hair as long as you take extra care by using masks and smoothing creams to care for it after. There are also sulfate-free options that would be better for curly hair.

Q7. Will it work on ashy ombre hair?

It will work on the lighter parts of the hair and do nothing to the dark parts of the hair.

I hope you have found this complete guide beneficial in your quest for the right solution to suit your blonde tresses. Now go on and shine, shine, shine! See some amazing hair transformations using No Yellow Shampoo below:



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