What Are Ombre Lips And Why Are They So Trendy?

Ombre lips
October 13, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Ombre Lips: Get The Look

From Ombre hair to Ombre nails, we now have the new and improved beauty trend of Ombre lips. What is it you may ask? It is a style or trend of giving the illusion of your lips to look fuller and fabulous by using an array of mediums to give you this dark to light faded look. The darker shade starts from the outside of the lips and gradually becomes lighter as you get closer to the centre of the mouth. Not just your ordinary lip colour that can make your lips look one dimensional from a distance or in photos, this technique makes your lips appear even more kissable with that big poutier look.

Definition of Ombre: Ombre is the French word for colour that is shaded or graduated in tone.

Yes, Ombre lips have been around for a while, but like in all trends, they come back bigger, more current and trendier than ever. Just think contouring but for your lips in different and fun colours. You can certainly wear this look in the office with conservative nude shades or light pink and pretty ombre, and then to amp it up for a night look go your bolder and darker colours like your deep plum colours transitioning into your fuchsias and hot pinks, or your burgundy colours transitioning into a red-hot fire engine red.

Read on below to see a how to achieve an Ombre lip with things that you probably already have in your makeup collection.


First Things First: Prepping lips

  • Use Model’s rock’s lip scrub and apply all over your lips before you apply any lip colour to get any crusty dry skin at bay.
  • An alternative could be using a lip balm or Vaseline on your lips and scrub it off with a toothbrush or a face washcloth.
  • Wipe any Vaseline or lip balm residue off your lips before you apply any lip colours so that you have clean, smooth, moisturised and plump lips to apply your choice of colours on.


You will need:

  • Foundation or concealer
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick or liquid lipstick
  • Concealer brush
  • Highlighter

How it is done…

  1. Go over your lips with a foundation or concealer to cancel out the natural pigmentation of your lipsticks. You can use a foundation brush or beauty sponge, whatever is your preference.
  2. Choose a dark shade of a lip liner. The key is to ensure that it is sharpened enough to outline the lips to get a precise line. Colour in the corners of the bottom and top lip, but do not go in the centre. We just want the corners and the edges of our lips to give us that faded look.
  3. Now with a lipstick or liquid lippy in a lighter shade, apply to the centre of your lip and blend the colour out using a swiping motion on the top and bottom of your lips with a lip brush. Be patient and blend, blend, blend.
  4. When you are satisfied with the gradient for extra measure, go in with your dark lip liner around the edges to define it even more.
  5. If you see that you have done any boo-boos and have coloured outside the lines accidentally, clean it up by using some concealer and a concealer brush to sharpen and accentuate the lips.
  6. Not only does cleaning up around your mouth make it look poutier, another step to give your lips that extra oomph is to apply a gentle dab of shimmer highlighter or shimmer eyeshadow in the centre of your lips in a white or creamy tone and blend it so that it melts into the centre and that’s it!





Tip: If you’re using liquid lipstick be mindful that these will take a while to dry matte so be patient and keep blending. Practice makes perfect.


Why not try the Korean version of the Ombre lip trend and do it in reverse? Their way of interpreting this lip shade is by doing the darker shade in the centre of the lip to fade outwards for a natural flushed look rather than start the darker shade on the perimeter of the lips. This version is more of a stained or tinted illusion than a full bold lip as this gives a more youthful and freshly bitten cherry or strawberry kind of look. To make it look even yummier and juicier they apply a clear gloss on top, but of course, that step that is optional.





You will need

  • Foundation or concealer
  • Lipstick
  • Lip brush

How it is done…

  1. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or lip balm and then apply your foundation or concealer all over your lips to neutralise your natural lip colour so it is a blank canvas to work on. You can use either a brush or a beauty sponge; it doesn’t matter just as long as you blend that in.
  2. With this lip look, we want something more soft and cute, so choose colours in any shades of either pink, soft red or a coral and apply that in the centre of the lip.
  3. Now with your ring finger or a lip brush, diffuse the strong colour at the centre of the lip outwards, ensuring that you’re using a side to side but outward motion whether using the swiping or dabbing technique to disperse the colour.
  4. If you happen to have gone a little too heavy handed with the blending of the centre colours, you might now have that lip shade all over your lips. By all means, apply your foundation or concealer on the perimeters of your lips and blend that inwards ever so slightly to give yourself that opposite gradient effect.
  5. And to get that juicy and shiny finish apply a clear gloss on top.


Tip: If you just simply can’t get the gradient effect going, colour your whole entire lips with a light or soft stain or tint predominantly in the centre of your lips and then by “tucking” in the centre or middle of your lips, giving yourself a turtle lip kind of look as you’re exposing the outer edges of your lips. Powder or brush on the foundation on top of the colour to get that easy gradient without meticulously blending.

So there you have it guys, experiment with different mediums and play around with colours. Just be mindful that this look is quite high maintenance as there are frequent trips to the bathroom to touch up your pout, but do not let that deter you from letting your creative flair fly. Let us know what you think of this look and comment down below and don’t forget to hashtag us your Ombre lips look.



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